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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh. Yesterday was Labor Day.

Apparently, when I made my plans to edit, I forgot that Labor Day means no one goes anywhere, and the tv blares, and I cannot concentrate. I did NOTHING in the way of writing. It took me until 1 o'clock to go through some email, though--so I did SOMETHING.

So, obviously, I sat at the computer for half the day--but could not focus into anything productive, really.

I've had a wonderful thing happen, though. My best friend from high school tracked me down. I moved clear across the country when I was sixteen, from Indiana to Nevada--and we were broken hearted.

Actually, I had a little posse of about five girls that I hung with--ran with literally from grade school on. Well, there was a class reunion this summer--which I wasn't invited to because I didn't graduate in Indiana. They talked about me, and one said she'd seen my bio on but wasn't sure if it was really me.

Anyhow, it was very cool to check my email and see a note from the best friend I ever had. And she you remember me?

Do I remember her?!? You might put a true best friend out of mind for awhile, but when you're lonely and thinking back, you pull them out and they comfort you, even if you've lost touch--because you know what you had was genuine friendship, that someone loved you unconditionally.

I wonder why we don't have more unconditional love friendships? I sure try to build them. But I think we're all so busy protecting that it makes it hard to open up.

As you can see, I open up a lot. I'm not fronting. What you see is what you get. (Sigh)

Anyhow, we're catching up via email now, and she's given me some addies for others in the posse. I dropped them notes, and I see responses in my inbox. I'm just thrilled. I'm gonna make plans to go up and see them.

I'm sure I've changed the most--and I'm a little nervous about them seeing that--and their reactions. In school, I was truly anorexic. I went for two weeks at a time without eating anything--just drinking water or tang. And now, I'm a bbw. (Okay, I dunno about the middle b.) But I'm a b. and a woman. So that counts for something I guess.

AND then I found out that one of my newsletter list members is only a half hour away from me, so I'm gonna meet up with her sometime, too. This is really a small world sometimes.

Email and phone and snail mail make it smaller--but why do we lose touch with people we really care about? Sometimes, I know, we outgrow friends or acquaintances, or they outgrow us. And sometimes we're torn apart by our parents, or something. (Duh.)

Can I say anything to encourage you to look up old friends? It sure brightened my day to see email from friends of my younger days.

But then, I love to get email from my friends of nowadays, too. Like I said yesterday, don't be a stranger. Chat me up. I'm sure we have things in common.

For example, we all like my books. Right? We all think I should get more the hell out there, and soon, too, right?

I guess I'll go try and edit.

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That's so nice that you have a chance to catch up.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 8:03 PM  

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