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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Show down

Warning: Mother furious over daughter's mistreatment.

Despite the fact that the coach promised my daughter she'd play in last night's volleyball match--and we spent another ten dollars to go watch--my daughter was the only girl between the jv and varsity teams that didn't get on the court. Which, of course, means there has to be a showdown, a throwdown, or an out and out foot stompin' event by yours truly.

We have lost all three matches we've played so far--and I have to say it almost makes me smile. I mean, they deserve to lose when one of their best servers has been sitting the bench the whole time. I told the coach that last night in the ladies room, too.

Never go potty when you're on my bad side. I'll corner you in there and you'll hate it!

I think my exact words were "Coach?" (We were at the sink, washing. I didn't corner her with her pants down, just for the record.) Anyhow, when she looked up, I said, "You deserve to lose every single match you play if you're not smart enough to play one of your best servers. I'm Cheyenne's mother, and I'll be seeing you in the principal's office tomorrow. So you better get ready. Did you not know that my daughter has led these girls to more victories through her serves than you can count?"

She gulped. "No. I didn't know that."

"Well, you should have put her on the court once, and you'd have found out. I'll see you tomorrow."

I wanted her to think about her excuses. She was speechless, really. And I was so furious, she's lucky I didn't knock her into next week.

I did, however, put curses on her and the assistant coach throughout the match when I realized she wasn't going to play my daughter. So, I expect that to come back and bite me in the butt. 7x7, I'll have more bad luck. But hey, that's sorta my karma this trip around.

Here's the thing: (brag alert)
Cheyenne had more serve points than anyone else on jv or v her freshman year. (Has a trophy to prove that.)
Her sophomore year, she was told she'd be moved to varsity (before the season started) hurt her ankle in the next practice and was out half the season--coach had moved someone else to varsity, so she was stuck on jv--they lost every game until she game back, then won the rest.
Last year, she and the team went all the way to the championships, she had her accident between season and the tournament. They lost the tournament without her.

At the accident, all five kids had major spinal injuries. My daughter is the one that risked herself even more after the crash by getting up, crawling out of the vehicle, calling for the other kids by name until they answered, giving them hope, telling them to hang on. Four kids will attest that Cheyenne had the voice of an angel that night--when they thought they were dying, she was the one calling out, saying "You'll be okay. Can I help you?"

And every time anyone came near her, on the scene or at the hospital, she'd ask, "How are the other kids?" When the other parents came up to her, and introduced themselves, she asked, "How is your son?" (by name) She put parents into tears (not just her own) because the other kids did nothing but talk about how bad they hurt. (And I'll admit, I'd have been like that, whining about my own pain.)

It was ironic considering she was the worst hurt of them all. The surgeon told me he couldn't believe she, of all of the victims, hadn't died in the accident...or been paralyed. Remarkably, her spinal cord was not severed--but he said it should have been, in many places, her whole thoracic section was so torn up, crunched, cracked, twisted. She had broken ribs. Each of her lungs collapsed, separately. We spent days where she'd stop breathing several times an hour and the nurses would come running, literally, to crash cart her.

The kid fought death how many times? Bled out twice on the table while her back was being screwed together. Then, against all odds, is up, walking, and playing sports. By all accounts a miracle recovery.

This kid IS an angel. She doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, or swear. She's in honor society--makes the honor roll without cracking a book. She plays every sport but track, plays two instruments in band, and is in FBLA, on the debate team, and holds positions of leadership in our church youth group.

Does she deserve to be set on the bench? It's her senior year. I think she's earned a starting varsity position, personally.

And, she got a release from her spinal doctor--which we pay buku bucks to for REAL medical help, but that wasn't good enough. He checked all her reflexes, how she walked, ex-rayed her back, etc. The school made us go down and pay $30 for a hokey clinic sports release.

Then we had to buy her new court shoes and a warm-up suit--because the team is ordering those to match. Hundreds of dollars all in all, and now they're not playing her?

Well, I'm going down there as soon as the principal calls me back to set up an appointment. I'm sure he's talking to the volleyball coach first, to find out what it's all about.

Let me say this, I don't expect satisfaction. I expect to leave my curses on the coaches, and add another one to the principal--who I already know is a butthead because last year he insisted that my son (who is a bit of a geek, not into sports) and his friends could not use the library when the school was open for a game. He also said they couldn't hang out outside, but had to pay, or he'd call the cops.

Now, my son is one of those really good students, and so are his friends. They're the quiet kids that fall between the cracks because they are (truly ) geniuses that the mediocre teachers don't understand. I kid you not.

In science class, they talk about how this "basic method" the teacher is explaining is used in a jet propulsion engine. Or they take it up to a Nasa level and talk about how the principle could be applied...(you get the picture.) Idiot savants, actually...because they have fifteen year old boy sense of humor.

The point is...this ignoramous principal wouldn't let them hang out in the library, or anywhere. They had to pay and go into the gym or he was going to call the cops. Which earns him a place on my butthead forever list.

And he's the guy that's gonna mediate my issue over my daughter not playing. Riiiight.
Anyhow, wish me luck.

All I can say is...I'll be so glad when this school year is over. It will signal the end of my having to go and watch coaches irritate the hell out of me.

In other news--I've got the editing down to the last twenty pages on that one book that has been causing me heartache for months. WOOHOO. I might have been able to finish it this morning if I hadn't been so annoyed over this volleyball deal.

Anyhow, I'm gonna hit the books again and see if I can get r done. Have a good one. I'll keep ya posted on my latest little drama.


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I can't wait to hear what happens.

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 9:53 AM  

Good luck!

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 1:16 PM  

Don't wait for the principal to call you back. Have your happy butt on his doorstep when he gets there. Otherwise, he'll find excuse after excuse after excuse to put off the call.

By Blogger Jen, at 5:31 PM  

You were so right on that one, Jen. The principal took the lame way out.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:10 AM  

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