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Friday, November 17, 2006

Run-ins with the law

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Okay, yesterday I said I'd talk about my legal problems. I think I've gone over them before. (more than one issue)

1)We bought our property, paid it off in three years, and have been fighting the seller for three years in court to get our deed. The judge told him to get our names on that deed (after two years of stupidity by the guy where he went through lawyers--because the guy lies every other sentence, and can't keep his story straight.) Any how, the guy went to the court house and put our names on the deed, and returned with a receipt. No one in this podunk state went across the street to check. They just dismissed the case AT HIS WORD. Turns out he put our names on, but, oh, gee, left his ON. So, we're suing him a second time--which you know becomes ridiculously expensive because it not only involves lawyer and filing fees but days off from work, etc. So, that remains unresolved, but we've filed again. The man SHOULD go to jail for perjury under oath, obvious fraud (so many counts I cannot count them)...but he played the disabled deal. We saw him walking fine. He came to court with, get this, a neck brace on and a cane. DUH.

2)Our youngest daughter was in a terrible accident last year. The kid driving hit a tree at 70 mph when he couldn't make a 90 degree turn. She almost died repeatedly over the course of too long a period of time. Her entire thoracic section was rebuilt by an Austrian doctor--a demi-god who needs to be bowed to, imo--named Sami Khoshymon. Her recovery, thanks to his amazing skill, has been a miracle. She bled out twice on the table, her lungs both collapsed at different times. We spent days and days where she'd stop breathing several times an hour and the nurses would come, literally, running.

Anyhow, the kid was insured for $50,000. Four kids were hurt in the accident. There is a limit of $25,000 per person. Cheyenne's bills were in the hundreds of thousands range. Insurance companies have now attached that small amount Cheyenne might have gotten. So, my daughter will not be able to get her sports/all around scholarship, and IS enduring being a senior on the sports teams but no longer a starting player--which is tremendously hard for us to watch--but THANK GOD she is alive, and can walk--let alone run. Ya know?

So, by divine intervention, I believe, we were at a friend's new office. She's a hypnotherapist in Springfield--Jo Moon. Anybody need her services, email me and I'll give you contact info. This lawyer in the building walks past, the door is open, and he leans in, introduces himself--and the next thing we know, he's offering to represent our a lot less than other lawyers charge.

This guy is wonderful. And, it turns out he's got 25 yrs experience as an ERISA attorney (which is what they call the deal where insurances can attach to a settlement in an injury claim.)

3)Somebody used my social security number with a different name and obtained a credit card and ran up bills, and, of course, defaulted on payment--and it was applied to my credit. So, that is obvious fraud. But does the credit collecting agency wanna hear that? No. They just want the money. So, now they and the issuing bank, and the person on the credit card are being investigated for fraud. The thing is...the person paid on it for three years before defaulting...which, to me, suggests that the card was issued with a transposed number of HER social security number. It shouldn't be hard to check.

But, between that, and hospital bills--that should have been covered 100% by our two insurances--my credit has hit an all-time low. I there a God? Why are these things happening, completely out of my control. Is it karma? Or what?

It's all a stress. More than I should have to deal with, imo. So, among all my other little daily traumas, we're dealing with stuff like that, too. That sort of thing is why I'm taking anti-depression meds. I really want to just take something that lets me go to sleep and never wake up. I mean, it just never ends.

Am I the only one that has the feeling their standing in the eye of the storm, and things are being swirled around them, and thrown at them, and there is no way out?

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Carys, my thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult period. May your problems be resolved as soon as possible.

By Blogger jennybrat, at 4:41 PM  

My thoughts and prayers are with you.....Hang in there...Things are due to get better.....As you know the problems with my son's Ex partner and mother of his kids and his burns. Things are turning around for him...The Judge just made his decision for my son and us...All Allegations were dismissed due to the fact of lack of any first hand knowlege by her or evidence to back them up.. He had been feeling down but things are turning around...He is still in control of his two kids...So you are next in line to get your life in order...

By Blogger Brenda, at 5:26 PM  

Thanks for the prayers! I can't get enough of those. *hugs*

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:03 AM  

I'm sorry to hear you're having so many legal problems lately - I hope they get cleared up soon.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 2:40 PM  

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