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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Other blogs

I occasionally surf other blogs...and I'm wholly impressed that some have pictures, videos, and other bells and whistles. (Love the Write Snark's blog!)

I love to go to many sites like that...but, until I got dsl, I hated them because it took forever to load, and then sometimes, after ten minutes, didn't load fully and I had to refresh--and some never would load. Which is very frustrating.

And since this is a sex and general life based blog, I think we have enough frustration already! So, if you wonder why I don't update my blog, or my newsletter to have more fancy stuff, that's it. I don't want anyone to waste time waiting for a fancy little whizzer to load--here or in their inbox. Is there anything more annoying that thinking...I'll just check my email to find that you can't just check it--because some picture loaded file is blocking all the rest. If they were always shuffled to the end of the downloads, it might not be so bad--but they aren't.

I do a lot of time juggling as it is and I don't have time for things to load, usually. So, forgive me for sticking with the simpler picture. Sometimes I do pine after the cooler graphics and set-ups, but that would take me becoming computer savvy beyond the on and off buttons...and I'd rather write than mess with figuring out how things really work.

Anyhow, with all that in mind, I do try to post links to blogs down in the left hand sidebar. And soon you will see this link added:

You might enjoy checking that out today. Nat's talking about using a vibrator...and got pictures.

I went, I read...and my eyes popped at the look of the vibrator. Sex Ed here kiddies. Go, look, see, and then come back and tell me if you ever saw one like that before--and if you can recommend it or not. Or...whatever you think when you see it. Or if you refuse to go see it, and on what grounds. LOL The blog is light and pretty, and has a lady in a bathtub of bubbles and I get a real rubber ducky feel there...until I see the thing. ;)

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All I can say they are cute and very different.

By Blogger Tam, at 6:09 AM  

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