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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Okay. Let me say PRoCRAsTINATiOn is STUPID (sorry shift key is being nasty this morning.)

I am not doing so hot on the concept of pulling contest entries together for OWFI. And I have an appt at 2 and basketball game at 6 and somebody else called and asked if I could "Just swing by to sign a piece of paper."

When I procrastinate, I do NOT need people throwing extra wrenches into my stuff. Ya know?
Lesson lesson lesson lesson lesson lesson lesson

Think I'll get it? Oh, hell no. This is one concept I've been beat to death on and I'm still pushing deadlines all the time.

And, holy f'n crap. I just's my daughter's birthday!!!!!!!
Damn. Damn. Damn.
Okay, I am totally screwed--and not in a good way.
expletive expletive expletive

Okay. Gotta go and get my shit together.
Meanwhile, you go and watch the kitty wash:

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My stuff is at the post office as we speak. Mom took it in for me. :) It'd be a special event for me, but since she has to go anyway.... I sweet-talked her into it. lol.

Dang. Now I've gotta get my room reserved and hope it's not too late.

By Blogger Jen, at 7:30 AM  


I just stumbled upon your blog after doing a google search for the name Carys.

I know this will sound really odd, but how do you pronounce your name? I'm expecting a baby soon and the name is appealing but I do not know the proper way to say it.

Can you help?

Thanks so much!


By Blogger Michelle, at 1:50 AM  

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