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Monday, January 22, 2007


Hi, all.
I should have announced this before...but yesterday was an all day chat at the yahoo group Joyfully Reviewed. So, I was in and out of there off and on.

I took a break and went to church, and taught a lesson to the women--on my favorite subject--Don't Judge Me, and either help me or get out of my way. (Or something churchy along that line. I twist it all to my end, you know.) Okay, the real topic was supposed to be about knowing what you should do, and doing it. And that it's not enough to know, you gotta put works behind that. But hell. We have beaten that horse to death. So, I went with the "take" that our priorities tell on us and we can see what others think are important by the way they spend their time. (See me? I bury myself in alternate worlds of my creation because I'm a hider.)

I scandalized the whole world by admitting publicly that I pray for total obliteration sometimes. Of myself, not all mankind. Well, some mankind. hehehe Don't ya hate the fact that churches are the place you feel most judged? Or is that just me?

But, honestly, I think that we go on and on. So, obliteration and utter annihilation is just a dream of mine. For those just tuning in, I whine continuously here about being depressed--and life in general. Get used to it. Feel free to cry and whine about your own crap. I don't mind at all.

Feel free to tell me to get over myself and post a sex cerpt or something, if you want, too. Maybe I'll drop you some pieces of my new book, Courting Disaster tomorrow. Or you can just go read the ones I put on the Joyfully Reviewed website yesterday.

Anyhow, are you familiar with that group? You can sign up and email/chat with authors from different publishing houses, and get free books and other giveaways. Usually, they have a day set aside for a specific publisher, but sometimes other authors peek in. And you know, when I go, you get two for one. Jennifer behaves pretty well, but oh hell, when Carys gets in the house, we're in trouble.

You can join that group and read yesterday's archives to see how rowdy I was. Damn I can't help the puns that roll from my tongue and fingertips. The bad thing is, I don't even wanna be fixed!

Of course, the world degenerated when I started critiquing men. Antonio Banderas got the all thumbs up. John Cena. Visjnic. The Rock. Sorbo. We went down a list and discussed a lot of wrestler panties. Or whatever you call their snuggy little you know whats. And leather pants. Those did not go un-noticed. Hello Hercules! Lift my world, baby.

Oops. Forgot. My husband sometimes reads my crap. But honestly, he hasn't worn leather pants in a long time, and he is way overdue. (Fanning myself at the thought.)

Back to a respectable topic:
Two lucky winners won copies of Courting Disaster, my latest romance. Amy Smith and Robin Snodgrass. Congrats to both of them! And other people gave out stuff, too--but that didn't mean anything to me. LOL SINCE I didn't win. These other authors...they figure other authors don't need to win. Geesh.

Just kidding. I was okay with it--until my publisher gave a Palm Reader, one of those Zire 22's away. I REALLY wanted that. I'm sure I posted as much as anybody the whole damn day. I KNOW I earned it. ;)

Oh, and I wanted the Supreme Chocolate Gift Box somebody else gave away. Of course, you KNOW I'm on a low to no carb diet, so I can't eat it TODAY but we all know that diets are transient things and I'll give up sooner or later and then it will be binge time and I will NEED chocolate to salve my sadness over the unsuccessful diet I suffered over for these last couple months. You KNOW that's how it works.

So, feel free to send me chocolate any time. I write lots of sexy stories when I'm on a chocolate high. (If that's incentive for ya.)

Okay. So, Carys has to get busy. She needs to get naked and wash her body, then write something about a cowboy named Levi that has got to get his jeans off again. I feel him getting ready to strip in the back of my head, right now. So, uh, gotta go. ;)

Catching you with a sex cerpt or something from Courting Disaster tomorrow. So, be sure and check her out.

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Hmmm... Quite a variety of subjects to choose from today. lol

Girl, if I had known you were in any kind of chat yesterday, I would've stopped in. :)

As for churches being the place we are most judged: That's one reason why I haven't been to church regularly in a number of years. Mom keeps saying we need to find a church here in McAlester. FIne. Go find one. But don't expect me to go. I've been to several in this hypocritical little town and none of them are worth going to, IMO.

BUt I won't get started on that particular soap box.

By Blogger Jen, at 6:49 AM  

Had a blast chatting yesterday while my stupid internet kept booting me off I was able to play a little bit. Was very interesting and found some new authors too. Can't wait to do it again. lol

By Blogger Pamk, at 7:48 PM  

I DID have a great time chatting at Joyfully Reviewed the other day.

I'm gonna be better in future at pointing my bloggers to the chats I join in. (Haven't done a lot of them.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 7:49 AM  

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