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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Funny things

I sat in on another Joyfully Reviewed chat last night. Some authors are soooo funny. Barbara Karmazin writes sf and fantasy erotica. Check out her forked tongue alien lover. Yeah. You'll find something different there.

She pointed me to youtube--and I absolutely have to share this Jack Black clip. He puts THE RING on his thing. Too funny.

And then she pointed us to this hilarious write-up by a man-writer who works through how to describe his erect penis in a sex scene--before he gives up and fades it to black.

And here's a few more things to giggle over. Our conversation degenerated to this like this:
And then, of course, there are the titty bits. And if they are small, the itty titty bits.
But both the lady bits and the itty titty bits can go in an itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini--to give itty bitty manly bit men fits.
Say that three times fast.

Author Jade Buchanon was there, too, and she got us SO falling out of our chairs with discussions of manroots. Holy heaven!

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