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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Silent Bob

Carys Weldon is irreverent, as you know. She loves Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and wants to point you to his blog.

Warning--he uses adult language.

The blog is currently discussing his latest diet which he calls: fat fuck vs food.
So, you get the tone before you go.

It is how I started my day today. The biggest disappointment to me in the whole thing was to hear the man was married. Don't know why that made me sad.

I don't care how large the guy gets, I like his face. I think he's sexy. Maybe because he's usually quiet? LOL I find many men to be obnoxious the minute they open their mouths...unless of course it is for kiss up service.

Ah. Ah. See how I've started the day? Need to go write about sex because it is so totally on my mind.

Pray for me. I'm a degenerated woman.

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