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Monday, January 22, 2007

Xanga blog (funny)

Okay, we all know I'm a whiney bitch. Crybaby to all my friends.
So, this one GREAT friend which I have yet to meet in person, but have told all my worst secrets to--yes, even things I haven't told you--I know, I know, the girl has MORE scandal?

Anyhow, check out my cheer up email that pointed me to go read a horrible, laugh out loud true story:

I have a couple of stories on my xanga blog that will at least make you grin. Go to then scroll down to where it says "The Food Whore Blog Comment" and click on the links below that. It will take you to the pages for the two funny hospital stories. Xanga won't go directly to a permalink, which sucks, but if you scroll down to where you see the title of the story, you'll find them. One's about a nasty old man and the other is about suctioning a patient.

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