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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chatting at Joyfully Reviewed Yahoo Group

Last night, on a whim, I sat in on a chat session for another publisher--just to see how others do it. Champagne Books Authors were there and I gotta point you to a couple of their books.

Okay, first let me aim you at Jenna Leigh. The girl wrote a book called Braless in a Buick. You know she's got a sense of humor. The heroine struggles with inner voices--something you know I deal with all the time. This one has Public Allie, Worry Wart, Phobia Queen and Inner Slut. Yeah. I thought you might wanna read about that chick. So, check out the Jenna Leigh Zone. and see her contest with a $25 gift certificate.

Other authors there that were seriously fun to chat with: Phyllis Campbell. I'm gonna go see this one, I liked her so much. She lives in Salt Lake which is where my oldest daughter lives. should take you to a site where you can see a bunch of her books. I won one! Woohoo. Can't wait to read it. She's got a story called Vow of Deception about a girl that gets a man to pretend he's her husband. A man she saw the first time--naked in the creek. Oh, yeah. So, that's how the story STARTS. The next excerpt she dropped on the chat was a view of the man wrapped in a sheet as Judith (heroine) walks into his bedroom without invitation. From what I hear, she's Champagne's best selling author. Check her out.

And also let me point you to another werewolf writer. You know we love those. Check out Becka's BEAST OF BURDEN. I won the first copy to be seen by anyone beside Becka, and her publisher/editor. So, I'm pretty jazzed about that. Especially because she wowed me with one line. This, uh, sexy beast of a man made love to the heroine in his shapeshift--and doesn't remember anything, baby, except the way she tastes...and he's dying to get some of that in his mouth again. Yeah, baby. I'm saying check that one out.

And last, I wanna plug a book of a different vein. I don't have the link to his website but you can google for Champagne Books, and check out their website and see a book by a man named Mario. His son Shaun was born with a myriad of health problems--the least of which was a cleft palate and spinal problems. Ah, man, the story is absolutely heart squeezing. He wrote about their life struggles and triumphs in a book titled God's Gift. I know some of you love those types of books. Shaun IS alive--so you know it isn't gonna bury you in depression so bad you can't get out. The book is not released yet, but I wanted to point you to it, in case you're looking for a different type of read.

There were other fun authors. We had a good time. You might wanna go and sign up for the Yahoo chat group Joyfully Reviewed--so you can be in on those chats from time to time. The authors usually give giveaways. That's how I won two books.

And if you're bored, you can go to the yahoo site and read the archives of the chat. You will see that Carys Weldon in the house wrecks the respectability of a chat all to hell. I speed read, and I have DSL so I beat people through the excerpts and pointed out the most intriguing lines. hehehe (Unrepentant, wicked woman that I am. If there was smut in the excerpt, even a single line, I found it.)

And, one last plug. I really like Dee Valentine--who runs Joyfully Reviewed. I think you'll enjoy sitting in on those chats. And if you win a book or something, email me or post on the blog here, let me know so I can happy dance with you.

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Carys (and friends), lemme know if you like B*E*A*S*T* OF BURDEN! :D

It's the SECOND book in my B*E*A*S*T* series, the first being about a white tiger shifter, and that's entitled THE B*E*A*S*T* WITHIN.

This series is doing well for itself so far, so I can't complain! :D Thank you, Carys, for blogging about it!

The direct link to the first book is here:

B*E*A*S*T* OF BURDEN doesn't officially release until February 1st, so keep your eyes peeled! :D


By Blogger Becka, at 9:18 AM  

Carys I am so happy that you enjoyed chatting!! Please do come by anytime! There is always someone there to

Chatting With Joyfully Reviewed will be rocking the house for the month of Feb! So come and bring all your energy!

I would like to point out that I soo don't run Joyfully Reviewed. LMAO!! I'm a reviewer for JR. Joy and Melissa run Joyfully Reviewed. I DO moderate and schedule chats for Chatting With Joyfully Reviewed. *giggle* When I saw that line about me running Joyfully Reviewed I about spit my tea all over my screen. LOL

Oh man Carys/Jenn..whichever one of you is reading this today(*giggle) I do love you!


By Anonymous Dee Valentine, at 9:54 AM  

Thanks so much for pointing people towards my insanity, Jennifer! When I finally (yes, I'm slow) figured out you were Carys as well, I realized I have one of your books, Leader of the Pack. Loved it.. and we're discussing shifters tonight, thanks to Dee. *grins*

By Blogger Jenna Leigh, at 9:05 PM  

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