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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I have been up for hours and going through email all that time. I ignored it for two days and had to pay the price this morning. Wow.

My best writing time is the morning--if I can get my head into a manuscript early, I'm good all day. However, my son in law showed up just a few minutes after I turned the computer on. And he plugged in The Notebook (the movie he bought me for Christmas) and then proceeded to sit and watch it with me.

It was nice but odd. He hung around until my husband got up, then he left. I'm still pondering the visit. I think he was being nice to me because I bought him Adidas and a 4gb mp3 player/ipod thingy for his birthday yesterday.

Anyhow, that sort of put a kibosh into the whole "get writing early" for the new year thing. So, here I am, it's right at noon, and I haven't done anything but work through my inbox for 3-4 hours and watch a movie. But, I love the kissing in that movie. I love the way the guy loves her to death.

I wanna write stories like that. And I wanna go and paint.
Did I tell you that I used to paint?
I prefer acrylics because they wash up with soap and water, but I've done oils and water colors before. I toy with working up a big enough collection to do a gallery showing.

We have some galleries in Springfield, Missouri that show some pretty bad work. I figure, mine is at least that good. LOL

Would you like to own a genuine Carys Weldon painting?
(Not nudes. ;) )

I also used to do tole painting. You know, the little folk art stuff that you see selling at crafty shops...? Haven't done much of that for about ten years, but toying with getting painting for the new year.

We'll see how that goes.
I feel a little confused on what I've said already and what I wanted to tell you, so forgive me if I repeat this thought...There is a movie called The Secret--that isn't a story type movie. It runs about 90 minutes and talks about The Law of Attraction. I definitely think you should check it out if you haven't already seen it. And if you have, it's time to watch it again.

It's a great concept to apply to your life in the new year.
I'm going to go get busy now because I have decided to write lots of romance this year...for you.

So, send me good thoughts so that whatever I turn out is totally kicking. k?

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Consider good thoughts sent. *s*

My best writing time is late afternoon and into the evening/night. Too bad I'm usually too mind-mushy after a day of transcription to do anything. That's going to change though. It has too.

(Shutting up before I start sounding desperate. lol)

By Blogger Jen, at 11:05 AM  

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