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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Silly silly

So, um, we're in the ice storm disaster area. School and work has been canceled until further notice.

But we have a tournament going on. Kids have to drive 45 minutes to another town in the next county for basketball. (We won last night, btw--and my daughter scored five points--so that was great.)

Tell me how that works, though? I mean--we can't go to school in our town, but we can go for a field trip to play a game.

The roads are clear. School has power. We're below the power outage area (Springfield, Mo--featured on the weather channel this week.) But hey, if you watch the weather channel, you will probably see the street my daughter lives on. It's been voted the worst one in spfd. Power lines down from trees hitting them, and trees through porches, and roofs, and cars.

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My kids are out, but the activities have been canceled, too. We don't have clear roads--they're unbelievably bad- still with thick sheets of ice. More snow on the way, too. I like winter, so I'm not upset with any of this. Maybe having the bored kids underfoot a lot, but it looks so pretty outside.

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