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Saturday, February 03, 2007


I drew names for my contests:

The winner of blog posting drawing is Brenda Domzalski.
The winner of the newsletter question contest was Melissa Vo.

Congratulations, ladies. Now, email me with your choice of gift certificate. What do you want? Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Paypal cash? Feel free to take your winnings and buy one of my two new books, Courting Disaster or Passing Images, easy purchase links at:

In other news...really big daughter, Cheyenne--most of you will remember her as the girl that had the accident last year, or the one who has continual drama in her athletic endeavors. She won HOMECOMING QUEEN last night.

It was SO cool. There was a lot of cheering for the candidates, and when the king was announced, people were so loud, I thought...the queen, whoever gets picked, is gonna end up sad because the cheer can't possibly get bigger. But, wow, was I wrong. When they announced Cheyenne's name, the gymnasium became insane. And I am not exaggerating. People kept coming up to us, saying, "She TOTALLY deserves it."

I was so proud of her. But mostly because she was wonderful to the world. I saw her "working the crowd" afterward. She's nice to everybody every day, and it was so obvious. People jumped up and down and pushed through masses of people to give her hugs.

But here's the mark of my daughter...she slid from that great crowd of admirers to go over to her friend, Eric, a boy in a wheelchair, and put her hand on his shoulder. I swear she has a love-to-torture that boy thing in her. When she walked away, he got a face full of her rear end. She's not a puny girl. 5'8" and solid built, athletic. (Broad bottomed like her mom.) He's a cool kid, for not having legs. He leaned back, tipped his head to the side and enjoyed the walk away version of her, and the fact that she'd bothered to come to him.

Eric plays trumpet beside her in the band. One of the things he loves about her is the fact that she treats him like a normal kid. She harrasses/teases him as she does others. She threatens to knock him out of his chair sometimes, which always gets a, "Just try it" or "I wish you would come a little closer."

Anyhow, that was a good night. She got a dozen red roses, which she handed over to her dad at some point. Romantic guy that he is, he handed 'em to me and said, "Here. Never say I didn't give you a dozen roses once."

It made me laugh. And think about the time he collected flowers in the desert for hours, to find different colors for a small bouquet. The man IS romantic sometimes.

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I am so happy for Cheyenne,, My son was a candidate for King but the party people won. Glad to hear that her schoolmates have more brains...


By Blogger Brenda, at 9:26 AM  

Wow! Major congrats to Cheyenne. And I bet you're 'bout so proud you could pop. ANd rightly so. :)

By Blogger Jen, at 3:55 PM  

Congratulations to Cheyenne! I'm sure you had a little something to do with how great she turned out. A great family all round!

By Blogger Sue A., at 10:53 PM  

So who got king; the stalker, the name caller, or the tux guy?

By Anonymous vck, at 10:47 AM  

hi, i received my gift certificate!

By Anonymous Melissa, at 8:24 PM  

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