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Thursday, April 12, 2007

FEED the Children

I stand corrected. And I'm terribly sorry that I had my facts backward. I WILL check them in future before quoting something like a percentage or naming a company/organization. Please accept my apology.

Wikipedia (agrees with the poster that chewed me out for my last post) and says that 89% of every dollar given to Feed the Children goes to program services (childcare, food, medical, disaster relief, education and community development).

I had to DIG FURTHER because I knew that one of the big charity organizations had been caught in fraud. Firefighters and UCF. Don't slam me for this mention. Go read:

Here's some advice for checking out organizations that ask for money to help hungr y children:

Here's an interesting blog on all sorts of scams:
I did not read other posts on this blog and am not condoning the blog itself, just pointing you to other reading material on the topic of scams.

When I GOOGLED scam/hungry/children, I was disturbed to see that some people had coached their children to fake being retarded so they could scam the government. What IS this world coming to?

And, honestly, I LOVE to know who is posting. Put a name to your comments if you will. And know that I don't ever post wrong statistics/info on purpose. And I AM OKAY with you telling me when I'm wrong. Just point me to the evidence. K? And understand that none of us are perfect.

Now, do you think I should completely remove my original post of the day?

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