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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unleash your creativity

My favorite tarot reader, Maiden of Mysteries ( sent this to me and I thought you might be interested in unleashing your own creativity so I'm sharing. It follows my comments about depression and takes it through to something positive.

Acknowledge the separation between your true soul gifts and your mind. In his book, The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle shares his powerful transition from being suicidal, homeless, and hopeless to becoming enlightened and inspired to follow a devout spiritual path. He explains that there was one fatal night where he was ready to commit suicide, painfully feeling that he could not stand living with himself one more moment. In articulating that thought, he realized that if he could not stand living with himself, somehow he was not his mind; there was some kind of division in who was. If there was a part of him that could not live with himself, that part was pure and longed for something more.

Create a ritual. If you can create some kind of special ritual that you consistently follow to invoke your true creativity when you begin the creative process, your mind will get the picture. Light a candle, meditate, visualize yourself as a spontaneous child, pray, fingerpaint. Whatever your ritual is, make it a habit. Teach your mind that when you invoke this ritual, you are transitioning out of everyday life into a sacred process.

Sigh, surrender, and give yourself up to "It". There are many quotes from brilliant creators who have known that they were not in charge. Figure out what your "It" is; that is, determine the force that is truly behind your creating and give yourself up to it. Everyone's "It" will be different, but the point is that we must truly absorb the fact that we are not in charge of what we are creating. For some people, the art form itself holds the power. For others, it is their personal Muse. It also may be God, nature, the universe, the inner child, a powerful symbol, the memory of someone who has passed away, or anything else that you feel can be a vessel for your raw brilliance.

Author Madeline L'Engle says, "The story knows more than the artist knows."

Painter Pablo Picasso said "Painting is stronger than I am. It can make me do whatever it wants."

What do YOU say?

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hey---just wanted to thank you, Carys, for the $10.00 prize. i really appreciate the fact that you honor wins at your site---and that I WON !!!!!!-thanks again, jackie

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