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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeds of faith

So, I was sitting in a motel in Virginia Beach last month, curling my hair before I went out to do my speaking thing at Epicon (ebook conference) and there was a preacher by the name of Peter Popoff doing a tv evangelical show. )I think I mentioned this before but there is a new development in the story.)

He said "Call my 800 number and I'll send you some miracle water free."

Well, hell. I need miracles and miracle water and if it's free, why not?

It arrived quickly. Supposedly, the water comes from a spring in Russia that is reported to be pretty special. Lots of people died after the Chernobyl accident but people who drank from this spring didn't get cancer or get sick. Or so it's reported.

Sounded good to me--because I wanna be a believer in miracles, etc. I drank it without question, and read Mr. Popoff's letter. It said send money for his book. I sent the $17 but haven't received the book yet.

A few days later, I got another letter from him with a little piece of metallic ribbon that I was supposed to tie around my wrist for a night and mail back. Again, with a check. I sent it back but mentioned in my letter that I didn't have any money, sorry. Technically, the letter said to write a check. I know he wanted me to mail it, but it didn't say I HAD to mail it.

Then I got another letter with a little packet of dead sea salt (supposed to put a few grains on my tongue three nights in a row) and it was accompanied by a request for a $27 seed money deal. I forced my family to listen to that whole four page letter on Easter and asked them what they thought. My husband said, "What the hell, send him money. He obviously needs it."

I always think it's funny when a preacher says "Send your money to the Lord" then gives you THEIR address.

With that in mind, I balked. I mean, it's obvious that every letter is asking for my money--of which I am not overflowing already. I went on the internet and read The Amazing Randy's discussion about what a crook Peter Popoff is. But he badmouthed a lot of good people on his website so I didn't really care what he thought. The bottom line much as I like to show some faith, I just don't have money to send away to strangers.

It's like...I would LOVE to feed all the starving people of this world but when I read a report that said 90% of the money sent to FEED THE CHILDREN is used for administrative costs--meaning the people organizing the deal--not in the purchase and shipping of food--I stopped sending money to them.

Also, I'll be honest...I would rather feed the local children. I know a ton of low income people right here in my own area.

That said, I was the first one to haul supplies and money down to the Katrina and Tsunami relief efforts that were put together here. And I've donated to our local food bank, etc. And my church regularly does donations for the troops and women's shelter in our area, so I'm always trying to support those efforts, too. I don't want you to think I have no spirit for giving.

I didn't want you to think I have no desire to serve my community or my higher power's interests. BUT I got a new letter from Popoff yesterday. This one is asking for $200.

TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. My eyes almost POPPED OFF my head. And he is calling it my OBEDIENCE GIFT. Obedience gift to God.

I thought I balked a week ago over the $27 request. I am returning the enclosed envelope with prayer requests but this time I've noted that I'll have to donate service time in lieu of the $200.

Do you think that's a fair offer? I mean, I really don't have $200 running over my cup.

I think that people should serve their higher power (God?) by serving others. If financial aid is where they need served, so be it. I believe that needs are met sometimes by unexpected sources. I'm willing to be that for someone. I'm gonna let an unseen force (God? Spirit?) direct me to where I should do this service.

I'm thinking...if you, any of my readers/friends needs help with something that I can help with, let me do my service for you. Email me privately at or and give me your request.

What can I do? Hm. I can edit something for you. I can give you advice for your writing. Some of you know my "other gifts" and know that I already volunteer on that level, and help where I can with that.

Give me your opinion on donations, service, tithing, etc. Do you do that sort of thing? Do you think it's a scam?

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You have it backwards about Feed The Children.

86 cents out of every dollar they received GOES TO FEED CHILDREN>

Only 11 cents goes to administrative costs.

Please get your information straight before you start slandering worthwhile charitable organizations.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:51 AM  

Shows of faith aside, the guy sounds like a scam artist. I'd really not send him anything else.

By Blogger Jen, at 5:32 PM  

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