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Monday, April 16, 2007

I survived prom

My daughter's prom dress arrived on THE LAST TRUCK possible. But it DID arrive.

The girl looked amazingly beautiful in it and I'll post picture(s) as soon as I get some. Since you all followed the drama with me, I think you deserve to see what was worth all the hoopla.

The kid she went with, a boy named Nick, wore pretty much one of the most handsome tuxes I've seen in a long time. Totally beats the baby blue seventies wedding singer
look all to heck.

Here's something funny...wasn't at the time, but the last half hour we decided to do a bustle thing since the dress has a serious train on it. I did not have the appropriate color thread on hand. So, it was imperative that this quick sew job/fix work. I put some hook and eye style clips on the dress, but they had to be the monstrous ones because the dress material was heavy. Light material but so much yardage weighs in. Right?

Anyhow, we are talking serious quick fix. Sewing not pretty but adequate. One put on with white thread, another with red, a third with black. Yeah, my sewing supplies were slim. I have a box in the shed but we didn't have time to hunt or run up town for supplies--considering we'd spent the day looking for shoes, doing hair and nails, and buying other accessories.

Anyhow, her father had to crimp the big hook and eye things with his manly strength because they kept popping off. We were worried that they'd come loose and the beautiful dress would look tacky if the hardware holding the bustle was visible. Ya know?

So, we tell the date (this is the funny part)...okay, um, not that I'm telling you to look at her butt a lot but, you're gonna have to do a couple things tonight. ONE, keep an eye on her, uh, um, butt loops? (What else do you call them?) If one pops loose, you're either gonna have to help her put it back on...(the girl cringes, the boy's eyes pop out of his head, did I just give him permission to touch her butt...? YES) or tell her to go to the ladies room and fix her fanny. Whatever. But I'm not saying you HAVE to look at her butt, but if you don't, everyone else will.

(I rambled. I was unraveling from all the stress.)

Then, I said, "Oh, yeah, um, she has another problem. If someone doesn't remind her to "watch her butt hoop" that poofy skirt thing is gonna pop up and everyone at the dance WILL see her under scivvies. (skivvies?) So, um, you might wanna remind her on that, too, before she sits down."

The top hoop on the petticoat has to be lifted a tad in the back, or the whole bottom end flies up in the front. I was just warning him. (That's something to note, friends, if you or someone you know where's a hoop petti.)

So, Cheyenne tells him--the MINUTE they get in the car to drive away--with a giggling silly smile and her face averted out the window--"Uh, disregard EVERYTHING my mother just said. Ok?"

He was pretty quiet, trying not to laugh, but said "Uh, yeah. Sure."

But, she said "The whole night, he walked behind me and I KNOW he was thinking about my butt and what you said."

I replied, "But, um, you had no flashes or problems or anything. Right?"

"No! He did his job, Mom! You are SO bad sometimes."

"Wait. Did he HAVE to touch your butt loops or hoop?"

"No! But he kept an eye on them, I think." She laughed. "It was really pretty funny because every time he let me go ahead of him, we were both thinking about what you'd said, and it was just...well...too funny. We spent the whole night averting eyes and trying not to laugh."

In other news, my homecoming queen's stalker was there WITH ONE OF HER BEST FRIENDS, a girl who has moved to another school district and desperately wanted to go to prom at her old school. Apparently, the kid had stalked her in 8th grade in much the same way. AND bought her a $100 necklace at one point, that he bought for her in Paris on one of those summer trips with other students...which she has given away. That girl ditched him and he ended up chatting another girl up the whole night.

Another girl showed up in a short skirt, knee high combat boots and 3 inches of cleavage showing. My daughter asked her date, "What would you have done if I'd been dressed like that?"

He said, "Um, had a family emergency. I'm glad you look great."

I guess she had a pretty good time because there were several guys at her table making comments about how good she looked. (and we got to hear about it, of course)

One guy kept turning to Chey's date and saying, "Dude. Your date is seriously hot. Are you looking at her?"

Well, the answer is yeah, and he can't hardly form two words because...what do you say when you walked in with the most popular girl in the senior class and every other guy in the place is saying to her, "Geez. You look great." and "You are hot tonight." And "Dude did you notice?"

I didn't even know they were still saying DUDE. Or saying it again. When did that come back in?

Cheyenne blushed when she was telling us. She is NOT arrogant ignorant. She said it was embarrassing but in a good way. She asked, "What was I supposed to do when other guys were saying, "Dude, your date is hot tonight" over and over again...?"

I asked, "Um, so what DID you do?"
"Looked away. Happy, but totally embarrassed."

Hanging on every word whispered. (YEAH)

Anyhow, it went well. What will I blog about when that kid leaves home?
My son will have to get a life. Or I'll have to go back to sex chat.

That disturbs me to have those two lines follow each other.
Um. So, I'll quit here.

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YAY!! I'm so glad it worked out! And the butt loops story is just too funny. :)

By Blogger Jen, at 10:45 AM  

I'm glad the dress showed up!

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 11:00 PM  

What a beautiful evening. it couldn't have gone any better for her. I'm so happy, even if it did cost you, mom and dad, a couple of days of stress, pain, and wanting to thump that gal who made the dress.

Can't wait to see the pics.

By Blogger Glenna, at 9:38 AM  

We can't find our little plug in thingy for the digital camera. Heaven knows when we'll get them uploaded. (sigh)

I really do wanna post a pic of that dress and her in it.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:30 AM  

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