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Friday, April 13, 2007

My mistakes

Yesterday's mistakes aside, (still feeling bad about missing up Feed the Children and United Children's Fund)--I have plenty of others.
I'm feeling like a total failure as a mother.

My daughter's prom dress has not arrived and the dance is tomorrow.
I ordered it special from China because they swore it would be here by April 10th. It is still not here and the local post office says it is not in their bins. SO, I am a bad mom. I have failed my daughter.

But the dress was $162 on Ebay and the same dress off a rack here in the US was $495 and I just didn't have that much money.

So, now, the date has a tux with maroon on the shirt. We have to find a dress that will work with that, and still pray the original dress will show so we can take the one I have to buy today back.

BUT any dress I could afford NOW will be on a clearance rack and nonreturnable, most likely.

I need you to apply all your positive energy into this dress thing. Pray or meditate that the paid for one shows up and that I find a fair substitute my daughter won't hate me over--just in case.

Else, if the posting here stops, you'll know someone shot me.

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