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Monday, April 28, 2008



Bernie got hugged by Fabio! Doesn't he look great in his jeans?

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My, my, my..our Brenda looks so happy she could...uh, well, she looks great beside the handsome Fabio. After seeing him interact with others at the SOS at R.T. I can say he seems very nice. I thought he might be too conceited to bother with a line of women wanting his picture but he was so nice to all and especially to our military. I think Brenda should have this pic enlarged and hang it up! What do you think, David?
Hope your Texas trip went good. We had some of Texas come here. My husband's aunt passed away and his 1st cousin lives in Montgomery and her daughter in Houston.
It's so cold here. Right now it's 44. Think it got down to 30 something last night. Mother Nature isn't paying any attention to her poor shivering people. And I'm sure I'll be the first to complain about heat and humidity, but right now it's too cold and damp. When husband can get in the field and stay there instead of getting rained out will be a wonderful me!
My dream money..I must have a gazillion megabucks by now.So..I want to go to my English style cottage with the housekeeper's little cottage behind it. I don't want a single thought of "should do, have to do, don't wanna do" to enter inside the doorway. So all who might visit my country abode will be filled with calming joy and happiness. I could name my "estate" Serenity or somesuch but I don't think I will..I and all who visit will anonymous. Now the money plays a part in this because anyone who wishes to visit will have free transport and we might even (after a wonderful visit) plan a get-away to a top-of the line spa to get even more serene.
All for now. Have a funeral to get ready for. All who read or post, I wish you a beautiful day regardless of the weather or other circumstances..just enoy..and if you like, read a fabulous can't put it down kind of book. Hugs, Kay

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