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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate from KENYA

The best thing I can do on today's subject is point you to sites with other links and documentation. You go and read, and look at all the evidence and then come back and explain your point of view if you don't agree that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US (and therefore not a legal citizen, therefore not legal to run for the position of president.)

This one actually shows detail after detail, explaining why and how they can prove the Obama birth certificate that's been produced is obviously a forgery. Check it out:

THis next site is priceless, imo. A politician in KENYA announced (recorded!) that Obama's birthsite in Kenya was getting a lot of traffic.

This next site has a link to the actual conversation where the Kenya Ambassador admits the thing about Obama's birthplace being in Kenya.

Again, the comments are perhaps the most fun on these sites. One person cries innocent and points a finger in another direction. The next slams all that.

I like this next one because it gives phone numbers for you to contact YOUR representatives, so you can express your opinion on the matter, whether you want to skewer the liars (we may all differ on who those are), or you just want your rep to know whether to support (or not) the fight to see the real "vaulted" document Obama keeps not producing.

I say...if it's honest and all good and above board, why didn't he pop that puppy out proudly? By not producing it at first query, it becomes a cover-up for SOME reason. Was he just trying to build suspense?

I'm guessing those who voted for Obama are saying "What does it matter? He won. Give it to him."

But anybody who understands the ramifications of letting a non US born person run and win the election of President for our great country...and what allowing an illegal alien (forgerer, and someone who, as a lawyer, knows the law and the ramifications of committing a felony, or protecting someone else who has committed the felon...)

I just want to scream...lay the damn real birth certificate on the table. By withholding it, you're rallying the masses to get angrier and angrier by the moment. I hate being duped. I hate lawyers and politicians skirting our law, or flagrantly disregarding it. That was my problem with the Clintons. They commit every felony on the books and dancing as they laugh their way to the bank.

And everybody likes them, or identifies with them some way...some folks smoke pot, some cheat on their spouse, some cheat on their taxes, some dupe the government out of cash in various schemes...all reasons they forgive ol Bill when he gets caught in another mistake.

I'm sure some folks will look at the Obama birth certificate issue and say, "So what? He won."

I say...he wasn't even supposed to be in the race. What GOOD American citizen did he cheat out of the job?

Smacks a little of the "illegal mexicans are taking jobs from good Americans," huh?

It's tiring to read the stupid news. It gets dumber and dumber. No wonder Obama is all about saying "Come on in, no slap on the hands, you illegals." I'm surprised he hasn't thrown a gala party to give them handouts. We know that the minority vote helped him in the elections.

I ramble, and I'm tired. I do not mean to offend. I mean to say "WAKE UP AND READ THE CONFLICTING STORIES." There ARE conflicting stories.

Until Obama produces a legitimate birth certificate that can't be picked apart as an obvious forgery, I will withhold support from him. I'm not proud that our next president is not up and up on something as simple as where he was born. His own grandma says he was born in Kenya, and that's how he got his Kenya citizenship.

Just read the links--and the pages listed above--all the way through. Then, if you have some links to post that can point us to an honest birth certificate, bring it to us. I, and my readers, would love to see the evidence FOR Obama.

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i saw this website and it looks good. You can this to your links.

It has basic questions and answers

By Blogger ObamaBirth, at 10:09 PM  

This is the first I've heard of this! If it was true it would mean a cover up of massive proportions. I don't know what to believe!

By Blogger Sue A., at 12:43 AM  

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