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Monday, December 29, 2008

Post on this blog and WIN a gift certificate! Contest winners announced

I pulled a name on Christmas Eve, as I promised. Sue A. won that. I pulled a second name on Christmas Day, and Brenda won that. So, girls, tell me where you'd like your gift certificate. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at one of my publisher houses? Any place I can purchase online, so you can be sent an e-gift certificate. That makes the giving and using easier for all of us.

I probably won't send them until after I pull the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day names, too.

So, anyone who wants to be in THOSE drawings, please make a comment on this blog between now and the end of New Year's Day. I will be doing another drawing on February 14th (Valentine's Day!!!)

I see from the lack of responses that politics don't really stir the readers into commenting a lot. Thanks to those who did, though.

What's your favorite tv show and why?

I really enjoy NCIS. I've always been a Mark Harmon fan.

I also love Chuck.

I hate it when the seasons end.

One thing that never seems to end are the wedding shows. Bridezilla enthralls me for some ugly reason. I just can't imagine people putting up with so much crap. I mean, some of them, I can see why the brides are hard to deal with. But most of the time, I on earth can a woman get away with treating people like they are all peons?

I think we should show respect to all individuals, even if we think they are doing some job we would never personally want to do.

Every time I go to a gas station at 5 a.m., I walk out and send up a prayer of thanks for the person who works behind the counter when most of us don't even want to be out of bed. There are so many people who do jobs that are hard, or that some would consider demeaning, that just need to be appreciated more.

Think about the janitor at a hospital or school. Any janitor. I hate to clean the toilet and bathroom at my own house, let alone after a never ending stream of people. I am continually horrified by the things people do in public bathrooms.

Nothing ticks me off more than walking into a stall and finding out that somebody peed on the toilet seat and didn't have the decency to wipe it off. I mean, geez, you don't want to sit on it, obviously---but making it even worse for the next person? I send up curses on the women who do that. How hard is it to glance at the seat and wipe off something you've put on it?


Or, for men, to put the seat down? Fall in a toilet with the seat up ONCE in the middle of the night and you'll get anal about it.

The word anal brings me to a billboard (hoax picture probably) that I recently saw. It was an ad for KY jelly that said "We can't think of another use for it either." I saw it days ago and I'm still grinning when I think about it.

What uses can you think of for KY jelly? ANYTHING besides sexual lubrication?

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I hope that your Christmas was Merry..It was a very nice Christmas here.
MY favorite Tv shows are Clean House and CSI. It is hard to decide which one is my favorite.
Clean house is a program where the show goes to a really terrible messy house..You would not believe these houses and you wonder how these people could live like this.. But My mother is one of those people. She keeps buying stuff and never throwing anything away.She stills has my baby clothes and my brothers and sister's, I am 57..Anyway these people have to give up things and they have a huge garage sale and they are given $1000 also.It is amazing to watch what most people don't want to give up.Dumb stuff. But they must.. The show comes in cleans and buys some new furniture, paints.It is wonderful to see the results and the faces on the people. Most are crying they are so happy. They had one show the messiest house of the year. That was really bad not only cluttered but dirty also. They went back to this house in a yeat and they were already starting to mess it up again..
CSI the orginal one is the best. DAvid and I love to try and figure out who is the killer. I will miss Gil, the main man is leaving soon.

About KY Jelly, I can't think of any other uses.
About the poor people who do jobs I wouldn't like to do. I do respect them and the jobs they do. I agree about the cleaning toilets, I hate doing that except when we were cleaning them this summer in the campground.It was fun then..Go figure.....
I would like an amazon gift certificate. I don't post to win only to be able to talk to you thru the blog. We love you so much. And you have really changed my life for the better. I don't think you realize how much you have done for me as well as my family. Because if I have a better outlook and feel better about my life and self then they feel that also.. So Thanks again for your help.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:39 AM  

I could talk about politics forever, but WTF! LOL It's the holidays, forgive and forget for a while. Like you I love, love, love Mark Harmon and have since Summer School and his ratty old dog, LOL! And my husband who hates anything with commercials says the only things I watch are cop shows where they are killing someone, finding out who killed someone or something like that! ; ))Anything with CSI in it as well as the new show Life. And I do miss Saving Grace, she was bad to the bone and didn't care and Supernatural, those guys are Hawt!!! Good thing I have DVR and I still don't have time to watch them all unless I stay up half the night, cuts into my reading time, LMAO

By Anonymous Regina, at 10:56 AM  

Carys thank you so much! And congratulations to Brenda too (well deserved)!

I"m not sure if you wanted me to post my pick here or not, but here goes.

I choose: AMAZON.COM

Wishing you and yours a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year!

By Blogger Sue A., at 1:54 AM  

I have a lot of old favorite TV shows like LOST, CSI, HOUSE, NCIS ...
But I also have a new favorite in FRINGE!

I googled the KY jelly and found this.

1. Make Fake Glowing, Green Blood
1987 sci-fi movie titled "Predator", the Predator "bleed" glowing, green blood - the liquid from a Glow Stick was mixed together with K-Y Jelly

2. Remove Tight or Stuck-On Rings
Use to remove tight or stuck-on rings from your fingers.

3. Lubricate Sticky Zippers
Dab onto sticky zipper on an article of clothing, on a sleeping bag, or even on your purse?.

4. Loosen Sticky Price Tags and Product Labels
Cover the tag or label with a light layer of the lubricant and let it set for a few minutes. Then, peel it right off!

5. Untangle Knotted Jewelry Chains
Dab on to loosens up knot and you can pull the knot apart.

6. Lubricate a Fishing Rod Reel
Applying a light oil like K-Y Jelly to the working inner parts. K-Y Jelly won't damage plastic or nylon gears, and other parts too.

7. Shine Your Patent Leather
If you need a shine in a hurry, K-Y Jelly can come to your rescue. A dab of K-Y Jelly and a soft cloth can clean and shine your shoes, bags and belts, et cetera, in no time at all!

Okay I won't ever be using tip 1, but tip 3 & 4 would come in handy for me.

By Blogger Sue A., at 1:59 AM  

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We will be babysitting tonight.
We both went to the Dr yesterday for a check up.. The Dr is changing my choesteral sp medicine.. She also wants me to exercise. Right. Really I am going to try to ride my bike in the new year. I lost 3.6 pounds, for the past 2 weeks. So I have lost 9.4. in 3 weeks. I know that from now on they will be smaller losses. I do feel better, I hope that I remember this feeling.I might have lost more if Becki hadn't brought sugar cookies and David's mom hadn't brought homemade candy. I love sugar cookies and Pepsi's. And I haven't had a Pepsi in 3 weeks.
Enjoy the night, I will be asleep before midnight.......

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:06 AM  

For those who won in the Christmas Eve and Christmas day drawings, email me with the email address I can send the gift certificate to, so I am sure to have your most current address. You can email to I'm not sure if the is clogged up again or not.

Special thanks to Sue for posting those alternative uses for KY. LOL They all make sense, but I never would've thought of 'em. Thanks.

And, Regina and Brenda, I like all the shows you've mentioned. I learn some good cleaning tips on the clean house shows, and I'm constantly amazed at the houses people let them show on tv. Even if they're giving you a free cleaning job, and gifts, I dunno if I could air my dirty house on television.

It's sort of like the Jerry Springer thing. Even if I did have cousins that frog gigged, and cross dressed, and dated transexuals, and slept with other relatives (which I don't think any applies in my family thank God), I don't think I'd tell it on tv.

Kinda funny since I pretty much tell all here. I guess it's another thing to get your face on television.

Oh, yeah, Brenda...I know that you post because you enjoy the blog and interacting. I LOVE that, and you and everyone that participates and lets me know I'm not talking to the wall. So, no worries. The drawings aren't rigged. They are honest name pulls from those in the hat. I'm gonna wait to send the certificates because who knows, you girls may win in the next two drawings. After New Year's Day drawing, I will dump the deal and start fresh for the Valentine's drawing.

Honestly, I type fast. I don't realize how LONG my posts are until after I post and go to view the blog. SORRY I'm so wordy folks.

Going to work on my sf novel now. *Smooch*

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 11:58 AM  

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