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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A question of ethics, honesty, and integrity

More on the Obama thing?

I think the point that he is a lawyer and should understand the laws of evidenciary is a big thing. Also, it appears he is staying silent so as not to incriminate himself. I just gotta ask...if it's all legal and honest and above board, why the hell isn't he whipping the puppy out? One measly birth certificate. What the hell! How did he get it "sealed" so people can't look at it. You and I can't get ours hidden from public scrutiny, can we? And how did he go about getting his sealed?

I've got five kids, myself and my husband, and I've been to the place in their birth states to request copies of their birth certificates and didn't have any one say no. By paying the fee, they're happy to give you a certified copy.

What is this all about? To get more publicity?

Or because he's trying to build even more minority support and sympathy...? Is his dream to "rook" the entire American population into allowing people not born here to rule our nation? (It seems so.)

I just want to scream "Show us your real Birth Certificate, Obama!What on earth would make you NOT show it?"

And this is not a matter of "not appreciating his charisma or seeing his personal appeal to the people of America." He's good at charming folks. Nothing wrong with that.

However, I NEED the constitution to be upheld. It protects us all.

Some might say, "But he was just a baby. Any forgery on the present Birth Certificate is someone else's doing. I voted for the man and I'm still behind him."

Well, to those, I say...Really? Really!!?? You voted for the man who can't answer a simple question and show an honest birth certificate, who is a U.S. lawyer and therefore well aware of the laws of this land, yet blatantly being uncooperative in a very simple investigation?

I just feel like the American people have been duped again. You can like Obama's personality. You can like the dream of having "a new deal" in the White House--but he's not really dealing us a new hand. He's putting in a bunch of has-beens that didn't do a great shot the first time around the cabinet. That's not the "new change."

And I take offense to the media repeatedly calling him the Messiah. How can he live up to that?

But here's the question for the politics stir your blood? Do you get excited, angry, or some other emotion when someone brings politics up? Do you have friends who disagree with you politically?

Writing on the blog becomes a challenge, so I'm obviously trying to stir up some conversation.

If you support Obama, do you think it doesn't matter if he breaks the law of citizenship and becomes president anyway?

Do you somehow think that voting for him was a way to get more handouts from the government, or a bigger refund at least?

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I think he should produce his birth records and settle this business. I didn't vote for him. I think he is a great speaker when he has notes but he really isn't when he had to measure his every word or think of what to say.. I don't agree with a lot of his picks to help him.. He promised change and 95% cut in taxes for most of us but he is the soon to be president and I hope he does a great job. And I worry about a "skinhead" trying to do away with him.We can't talk to David's family in the Chicago area, they hated Bush and most don't believe in God. They are so left wing in their polical thinking.They don't watch Foxnews..If you don't like Foxnews there is something wrong with you in my view.
The kids are out of school again today because of the ice..David made snow icecream for the kids and they love it. We made a tent of blankets and chairs.. The kids don't need expense toys.. Pepsi cans, boxes,blankets, and chairs..
Lexi took a 2 hours nap in her blanket house yesterday.
I still haven't wrapped any presents, I need to get busy..
I need to check on the kids. Later.

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