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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese babies died...

Did you know about all the chinese babies dying from milk poisoning this last year?

You know, there's a lot of criminal behavior in the world. Generally, I don't see it, and don't go looking for it. I only watch my local news for the weather report.

I used to be an avid news watcher, but then I listened to an Esther Hicks cd that spoke about how we make ourselves ill worrying over terrible news we can't do anything about. We can't help because it is already done, or somewhere else. And out of our circle of reach. It made sense.

I mean, I'm one of those folks who really would say (at a beauty pageant?), "I want to cure cancer, and have world peace."

Every time I see a St. Judes commercial, I want to cry for the people who need to take their babies there. And cry in gratefulness to the people who've dedicated their lives, or means, to help. The Ronald McDonald House is one place I donate regularly to (in the drive through lane at McDonalds, I drop change, etc.) I've known a lot of people who were given a place to sleep while their family member was in the hospital. Out of all the charities on this planet, it is the one I've seen giving more.

I know there are lots of great charities and help organizations. Locally, we have a council of churches that does a great service to our area, collecting everything from food to clothes. So, I'm not discounting those. I'm just saying that unfortunately, I've known too many families who were too broke to buy a motel room when their family member was in the hospital, and the RM House gave them a place to lay their heads, and wash, etc. just across the street from the hospital. I'm just grateful it was established to help people.

I feel the same way about the amazing Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. What a gift to the world that is. Ditto with the surgeon (Sami Kyoshmon), an Austrian, who put my youngest daughter back together after her horrific accident a couple years ago. You can read about that back in the October-December 2006 posts archived.

Please, take a moment and send up a thanks to God (or whoever you feel is responsible for directing these people to enter the field of medicine in areas that help little children.) I pray regularly that surgeons will have steady hands.

I have these little tremors (compliments of overexposure to too much bug spray.) I couldn't be a surgeon to save my own life.

But the real point of my post today is that I was appalled to read about the milk poisoning in China this last year. (I am SO last year.) Always a day late or a dollar short. You've probably heard all about it. But, in case you want to read it (nothing bloody or gory, no pics here):

It's so sad. I can't even imagine the heartache those families are going through, knowing it was greed that caused their babies' deaths.

The justice is being done. The people responsible for putting melamine in milk are being put to death. Compensation is being paid.

However, I have to say...there would be no price high enough to pay me for the loss of a child...because someone was watering down milk, and adding something that would clog up kidneys (and kill babies) just to raise the protein content so it would pass inspection.

Melamine, you probably know, is what those plates we all ate off in the sixties and seventies were made of. I was thinking about ordering some of those kits where you draw and send it in, and they make you a plate from your art work--to surprise my kids for Easter or something. They're grown up but still like little things like that.

You can see what I'm talking about here:

When I ran the preschool in Nevada, we used these. They are so easy, and it is such a pleasure to see the kids when they get their plates, and eat off of them later. Although, they are NOT microwave safe.

I don't know if I can look at another melamine product and not think of dying babies. It just breaks my heart. (Not that I can't look at those kind of plates.) My heart goes out to all those families.

And I thank God, once again, that I live in the United States of America where all our food products are tested so strenuously that, hopefully, this sort of thing would never happen.

We are so lucky. The story just made me want to hug my babies, even if they are all grown up. So, the challenge today is to give a kid a hug. Or do something like drop a buck in the Ronald McDonald House box, or some other charity.

Heck, go to a salvation army thrift store and buy something. The proceeds will go to help someone and you can get something in return.

*hugs* to all of you, my friends.
Now, I'm gonna get busy writing.

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I have decided to read books instead of watching 24 hr news. I watched during primary, etc and now that's over. I do get the world news and local and then I quit. This winter I'm knitting ugly scarves and dish cloths or reading. At least I can opt out of a book if it doesn't work for me unlike the events already happening in the world. Guess I'm cynical about politics and sad, very sad about the state of our world. I see and hear words from our teens and younger that totally shock. I know I'm just an old granny but I can't help but wish they all had good role models. Doesn't always help but it won't hurt either.
So back to reading..I have enough in my tbr pile to last indefinitely. Really nice when you're not sure what you want. Brenda & I might have to make another run to the ubs. MIL loved her gothic mysteries I gave her for christmas. Some came from the Phoenix library and had discard all over it...but she really enjoyed the whodunit. My MIL just found out she may have melanoma so anyone reading, I would appreciate any kind of prayer, good wishes, etc. We should know next week. A word to pass along and I hope you never need. After several months of a toe nail having dark spots on it she went to dr. He sent her to specialist...said specialist told her to soak in vinegar..uh huh. Went to another dr and he took one look and removed the toe nail. It had also gone to other big toe. He said melanoma can be anywhere. I never thought of finger nails, toe nails as being targets. Enough dr advise. I'll bring in my dr shingle and end here. Hope everyone is staying warm. It's a balmy 15 here. Happy reading.

By Blogger Kay, at 2:29 PM  

Hi All,
I am finally among the living. Becki came like the grimreaper and gave us a very bad virus..It has been terrible.David, Rob and I got this virus. It started on Monday and a week later we all believe we might live. We hadn't done anything for a week but Rob went to work anyway. I did go to Ww and lost 1.8 pounds, So I have lost 13.8 now.

We are getting ready for the snow, I sure hate this cold weather but haven't been out in the cold.
I didn't even feel like reading.

Just checking in and Kay whenever you want to go to the Used Book Store I am ready. You know I don't have anybooks to read..

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:30 AM  

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