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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice storms, puppies, and inaugural blanket

If you live in the midwest, or eastern half of America, you know about the crazy ice storms tromping across the U.S. I live right on the line between the really bad and the Oh, My God, it's horrific.

I've been lucky so far. I still have power. I heard on the news, some people in Arkansas have been told they will be out of power for at least two weeks.

Check out the weather channel. They've been showing pictures of the incredible amount of ice. It's weighing down the tree limbs, breaking 100 year old oaks, splitting them in half. It's crazy. Sounds like a gun shot, and suddenly half the tree splits off.

It's actually quite beautiful to look out at a crystal dazzled wooded wonderland. But people are being told not to go out at all, unless they have to. They have a lot of downed power lines and trees falling into the roads.

I guess Arkansas has declared a state of emergency. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power down there. And the forecast isn't giving us any hope of a meltdown for days. It's 16 degrees here, now.

And I have this silly song jingling around in my head. It's a rip-off/parody...maybe you can help me figure out what's it called...? One line in the song says "Walking around in women's underwear." It's to the tune of Winter Wonderland.

I hope you are safe and warm, wherever you are.

I know one little puppy, you know, the 3 lb yorkie named Pixie...hates the snow. She's not a noisy dog, but she cries when her paws touch the snow, yelping like she's in pain from it. It's SO sad...and a little bit funny. Right before she starts it, she looks up like the most pitiful pup, and if you stay stern and say, "We can't go back inside until you go potty," she puts a foot down, as if she's going to walk out into the cold three inch snow, and then lifts it back up, and starts the yelping. If you don't scoop her up instantly, she puts that foot down, and lifts another leg. And then another. It's pretty funny.

Of course, she's too little to keep out for any time at all. I would just die if she caught pneumonia or something. So, we're talking...she's maybe out there all of two minutes, if that much. Did I mention she has a hoodie, and a parka, and a polka dotted dress, (etc) and I bought her booties but they were too big. So, I'm looking at a pair of $1 gloves. I'm thinking I could put that on her, with a cut of the material or two, and it would keep her feet (and tummy) warm long enough to go outside to do her business. It will be ridiculous, I'm sure.

My family thinks I'm too silly over this itty bitty dog. But hey, I don't have any grandkids yet, and she likes to cuddle with me. Have you ever just needed some unconditional love? Yorkies are so great at being excited when you come home, and they like to go places.

Anyhow, enough about the dog. But you could comment a little about your dogs, or pets.

Sunday, we went down to Harrison, and the home we went to, they had a huge, huge, very pretty siamese looking cat. But he had to weight 20 lbs. He stalked around the room as we sat down, and we leaned to pet him, and the woman said, "Ack! I wouldn't recommend that. He, uh, bites. Very unpredictable." He didn't bite any of us. But he did lay at my feet and on top of my purse, and I did have to pry myself out from under him...a little nervously. Do you have a cat? I do not have one at the moment. But one of my daughters is trying to give me one her brother-in-law dumped on her.

I just can't make myself do a litter box. I did it for years, and will probably do it again. But right now, I'm enjoying not having to clean up cat hair, etc. Yorkies don't shed much, if at all.

As for the inaugural blanket I mentioned up in the title of this post, did you hear that Obama's blanket got stolen? No, I'm not kidding. You can read about it here: Or just google INAUGURAL BLANKET.

I'm thinking this is a first. I can't imagine anyone having the cajones to steal the president's inaugural fleece blanket which is the FIRST presidential item the man gets, and the only real keepsake of the inauguration ceremony. I'm sure he assumed it would be taken care of, and available for him to look at, and keep and savor, later.

I guess the chick said she'd give it back if he asked for it. That website shows the actual clip of the interview where she admits she has it. They all think it's funny. Do you?

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We got around 8 inches of snow so the grandkids were home yesterday.Glad they are back in school tonight.

I went to WW Monday night a day early for my weigh in because of the snow coming on Tuesday. I gained 1/4 pounds.. I was a little pissed, I had stayed on the plan. Then I got to thinking what Had I done for the past week. Sitting in my chair or sleeping because I felt so bad.. So that explained why i didn't lose more.. Back on the plan but I am really fighting with my mind.. I am wanting a lot of bad foods.. I am over the Pepsi thing but I miss my cheese...

About dogs, we don't have one. Rob has a dog, Chief. He has to be the best dog we have ever have. He is good with the kids and so loving. He listens, stays in the yard and if you yell at him to stop chasing a squirrel or rabbit he will stop.
I love Kay's dog Sophie, that is a dog that is spoiled..You should hear some of the stories about her.

I am listening to Rod, our gov of Illinois talking..This will be his last day as our gov... I will be glad but we could get someone worst.. I don't trust anyone in office...
Have a good day and stay warm.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:41 AM  

Brrr, and greetings,
It's finally sunny here. It's still snowy, icy and cold but the sun is nice. The comments about dogs caught my attention. Especially when Brenda mentioned Sophie.
Here's Sophie's bio: About 4 yrs ago my son started telling us we'd mourned long enough for our schnauzer Parker. It took us 13 yrs to think about another dog. He had 2 boxers and was totally sold on them. I went to look at boxers and Sophie found me. I drove probably 1 1/2 hrs to a small town. Saw an ad in paper, 4 boxers, 2 male, 2 female, 2 brindle and 2 white. I was told the white ones are not albino but just a white. The drawback for some people would be if you want to show them. I didn't so that wasn't any problem. It was April so I sat in this big farmhouse yard and played with all 4 pupppies..but one of them came over, backed into my lap and stayed put. So Sophie came home with me..she was the female brindle. First night I put her by my side of the bed with lots of "stuff" and kept petting her while she howled for her litter mates. Uh huh, that lasted about 15 minutes. I picked her up, put her between my husband and myself and she slept all night long. Not a peep out of her. Well obviously she won our hearts. When she got the potty training down she was a full-fledged member of the household. This is the order of our household...kid you not. I have wanted a king size bed for a long time (been married 40 yrs) but didn't need one. Well, my husband informed me Sophie needed more room as she grew..we had a new bed next day. Allrighty then: husband's recliner was getting some age on it but we've had worse for a lot longer, but again: Sophie needed more room to sit with him..yeah, you guessed it. New recliner. The one that tops it all (and there are many in that category) was when we were purchasing a new truck. We're pulling out of the driveway of the dealership and P.B. calls the manager and asks if the truck had bench or bucket seats...Sophie only liked bench seats. O.K., by now you got the picture...we bought a camper so she can go with us sometimes. Otherwise she stays with out son and his boxers. I didn't know boxers were so loving and personal. She likes to be touching one of us when we're around. If we're sitting, she's with us..obviously she sleeps with us..but she's so funny (and I'm very biased) and cute. But she still thinks everyone who comes to the door is coming to see her. Brenda can attest to this. She adores Brenda. So my dog story is: love me, love my dog. We've always had dogs of some sort and all were special. I like cats too but never had any except outside (husband is very allergic). Can't have them anymore because the coyotes come and get them. There's nothing so chilling as hearing the yipping right outside your house and then the silence. Hate it. I have a gun and have shot it a few times. I'll never hit anything except one of the grain trucks! But I can put a tiny bit of fear in them
I think I told you, I've turned off the 24 hr news of gloom and doom. I did have to tune in briefly when the governor showed everyone just how delusional he is. Illinois has a major machine in place and is so corrupt. Maybe the time has come for the people to say enough.
Brenda and I are trying to loose a few pounds. Boy I enjoy eating my way through everything and then I see the results. Not a pretty sight. Think I might have hit one of my all-time highs this yr. Not sure because I've been yoyoing for so long. I know it's not healthy but as I'm (gulp) 60.shhh don't tell anyone..I doubt if I change too much. My goal is at least 30 lbs. and stay there...uh huh. Maybe 25! Or 20. We'll see.
Take care all and for anyone in the states with no electricity, I hope you are soon back to normal. Stay warm. We have a corn stove (gee..that sounds like Ma & Pa Kettle) and if you don't know who that is, well, you're too young or I'm still old. But Sophie and I go to the sunroom and watch t.v. or read (I do..Sophie doesn't read yet)and keep warm. All for now before I wander off in something more ridiculous than I allready have.

By Blogger Kay, at 5:06 PM  

I just got a face book web page, it is cool. I think we should all get one.
Parker is home sick from school.His mother is here..
I wonder if Becca and Rob are going to get back together. I am staying out of Rob's love life but I still worry after about $20,000 and pain and lies from her, is she to be back in his life???? I will accept it, I won't like it but what ever is best for the kids and Rob. Maybe this is the anwser to my prayers. Just don't know.
Take care. Love ya, Brenda

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:12 AM  

I lost 2.6 pounds this week.Hope all is well with you, I miss you when you don't post. But I know we alll have busy lives. Later.Brenda

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:15 PM  

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