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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In-vitro twins at age 66?

Okay, I have a new one for you. Have you ever heard of hormone therapy rejuvenation of a uterus after 18 years of menopause?

This will sound like a joke...
So, a 66 year old woman goes into a sperm bank...
Turns out the fertility doctor gave her three weeks of hormone treatment, rejuvenated her and implanted a couple of fertilized eggs from a younger woman. And voila! Lady has twins, gets in the news for being the oldest woman on record. Lied about her age. Apparently, there is no set age for when women cannot be impregnated at the doctor's office, although some won't do it after 50 and others after 55, which is the age this gal said she was.

You can read the whole story here:

I just have to wonder...WHY? I would be afraid I wouldn't be able to raise them, that I'd die and leave them orphans. (Which is what happened, according to the article.)

The uncle sold exclusive story rights so as to provide for the twins, two boys.

While I have five kids, and love them dearly, I'm happy to be at the "Kids are all out of school" place in life. It's like a relief to get them all to 18 and beyond without them being pregnant or whatever. Although, I don't judge the girls that end up having babies. I see it as a very common place thing these days.

And I see more women, like Sandra Bullock (love her!) 40 and fine without giving birth. She's got step kids now, and she's an animal lover. Those are sometimes easier to deal with than pregnancy, labor and delivery.

I say "Power to your own path," usually.

But in-vitro at age 66, that just sounds like insanity to me. As much as I love kids, I would've said it would be smarter to adopt a child or two already on the planet. Or foster care. Sometimes people THINK they want another kid, do the foster thing and realize that it was their dream, or that they really don't wanna mess with kids all over again. I'm just astounded, I guess, that there are TWO women who've in-vitro'd at age of 66. The other is mentioned in the article, in case you're curious to want to read more about her, too.

Would you do that?
My pregnancies and deliveries were all pretty easy as those things go. My longest labor was only 7 1/2 hours long, the others, in case you're curious, are: 5 1/2 hrs, 2 hrs 17 minutes, 3 hrs, and 3 hrs. (On the dot pretty much--and I'm not exaggerating here.)

Anybody wanna talk about their pregnancies or deliveries...or the sex that got them there? By all means, post away! I've probably confessed this already, but my fourth daughter...I know I conceived her with a condom in my hand...not where it needs to be for prevention. AND my husband had bragged at work that he was going home to get me pregnant. So, he was very persuasive, no--insistent, that night which really boils down to making it all a pleasure for me. Of course, he obviously sealed his own deal or the girl would've been left an angel in heaven. But no, she got a quick joy ride to planet hell.

In other news, I may have to have a surgery on my lower back AFTER a surgery on my neck. Ain't that great? Do me a favor, and pray for some miracles to come my way, would ya? Thanks!

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Hey there,
Just looked you up on facebook, then got the bright idea you may have something on your blog. Summer has fried what was left of my brain. Recipes sound fun so I'll look up site and see what I can come up with.
Really wanted you to know we're praying for you as you face surgeries. I'm facing two surgeries on my hand which is nothing compared to what you have ahead. Know that special prayers are being sent your way and we care about you more than you can possibly know. Take care..and lots of hugs.

By Blogger Kay, at 3:37 PM  

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