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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lip lube

My kids say I'm addicted to it's a bad thing. I believe one's lips should always be ready and pliable in case you get a kiss.

However, I noticed that they may be right. I have two tubes here by the keyboard, one by my bed, one in the bathroom, one in my car, one in my purse, and one by the place I sit when watching television.

What do you think? Is that the sign of an addict?

It has occurred to me that I should widen my horizons on the lip lube thing. Perhaps it would not seem like an addiction if I spread different flavors and brands around. What is your favorite lip lube?

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Carmex is evil. It promotes dry lip so you do get addicted. My lips peeled constantly when I used that stuff.

I tried the Bert's Bees colored lip stuff and just loved it, but they peeled again.

I stick with moisturizing lipstick mostly-- usually Maybelline. Sometimes Chaptstick.

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 6:36 AM  

If I use Carmex, my lips get extra-dry and peel. I have some Bert's Bees stuff, but I forget to use it. If I use lipstick regularly, my lips don't get dry. But if I'm not going anywhere and just staying home, I don't wear lipstick. I have some clear lipgloss that has a fruity smell and taste that I bought when I was selling Avon. I use it more often than anything else.

By Blogger Jen, at 6:54 AM  

Two recommendations for Bert's Bees--I guess I'll have to hunt some down!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 7:13 AM  

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