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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Midweek Wa-wa

Wednesday. I don't wanna be a whiner but I am one, I guess. I fell asleep on the sofa yesterday afternoon and put my neck and back out worse. I've had a splitting headache ever since, didn't sleep much, and woke up with a migraine. My appointment with the doctor isn't until next Tuesday.

THAT ASIDE, I have a children's story that is under contract but needs editing asap, so I have to work this morning, like it or not. Actually, it was written with a setting in Missouri because the anthology it was directed at was based in Missouri but the publisher sold the anthology to Hard Shell Word Factory and now all the stories (except one, and mine wasn't chosen to be that one) have to be re-placed into other parts of the country so that the book will have wider sales appeal.

I did write five pages on my sex droid story yesterday. I'm not sure if it's gonna work. I may have to scrap that and try again.

Oh, yeah, and I have this annoying rash around my neck. I swear, somebody just shoot me.

AND my husband is talking about leaving me again--this time to go to a job in New York. We need the money since we have two more mouths to feed, (and a car payment of over $500 plus insurance) but man...I HATE the idea of him not being here. I'm tossing and turning more for that, reaching out and touching him a lot in the night to reassure myself that he hasn't left me...

What I need is to get over life's little daily dramas and write a bigtime best seller. If I did, I could sponsor some great contests--with cruises as the prize or something. So, wish me well on that idea.

Gotta find some muscle relaxers and pain killers so I can get busy. Do you think it's silly to sit in front of a computer with your sunglasses on? (Blocking light helps the migraine a little.)

NEW RESOLUTION: No more health reports or whine fests for awhile. Taking all suggested topics. What would you like me to post about?

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Whine-fests? Haven't seen those. Just because you talk about health concerns doesn't mean you're whining.

I've honestly thought about sunglasses while working on the computer, but the ones I have don't really go over my glasses very well (they clip onto my glasses) and are too much a hassle than anything else.

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