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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My crazy little world

I thought I'd posted yesterday. I know I sent something for my web people to post here to go with my commentary. Sorry--I wonder if it was all in my crazy little mind, now that I see it isn't there.

So, hm.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking...heck, I really DO want to put some entries into the Ozarks Creative Writing contests. Deadline is today. I got busy. I have three more I want to do. Nothing is yet printed. Can I enter, oh, eighteen contests in a day or two? And will any of those entries be worthy of note when the judges see them? (I can probably get them done. But the other is left to the wide world of who knows.)

I'll let ya know how it turns out. Yesterday was the first day in ages that I was able to sit in front of the computer for any length of time. Take two muscle relaxers, crank up the Nickelback. AND I stopped to cook two meals (which I almost never do these days.)

Which means I was on some kind of good roll yesterday.

Today, I must apply myself to the last three competitions and go back over the crap I wrote yesterday. Believe it or not, the one that is absolutely not coming to me is the short story for the (get this) EROTICA competition. LOL

Can't think of a dang thang. Got those sex droids in my head, kickin' around. And another idea that is based on Criss Angel. Have you seen that man? (Hot)

My sister and some of my daughters assure me that the guy has sold his soul to the devil. He's an illusionist, a dare devil. Owns Mindfreak productions. I think he'd be perfect for a hero type in one of my books. So, look forward to that happening.

And then, if I didn't have enough on my mind--with owing a couple editors some new books, and one editor another book that has dragged on, not in my usual style, for months on end--today I wake up to some seriously great news for all my werewolf fans.

It looks like you might actually see PACK TABOO by next Friday. That is, if I can go through it one last time between here and Monday.

So, if you could send some positive mental mojo my way, it would all be to the good. I think you all should because I am getting ready to pull names for the gift certificate...and you want your mojo working on my brain while my hand is swirling over the names in the hat, so that my stubby fat fingers itch to pick up your monniker.

I can't wait to see who wins! Woohoo! How exciting is this? I love to pick winners!

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Positive mental mojo heading your way. :)

Good luck on the contests. If we enter the same ones, maybe you'll get first and I'll get second. Or vice versa just to change it up a bit. lol

By Blogger Jen, at 7:48 AM  

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