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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Candy's Kisses and Levi's Jeans

I wrote 80 pages to a new story and the tune of Keith Urban's I wanna cry song yesterday. I dunno if you'll think it's any good, but it entertained me all day.

City girl Candy gets set-up on a blind date meeting with her friend Erica's country cousin, Levi. One look tells him she's worth coming for. (hehehe) But everything that comes out of their mouths screams we are too different. And one big problem--it's two hours from his place to hers.

The guy's pick up line is, "Wanna come and see my new calf?" Which, of course, is a new one on her. It makes her laugh. And he was serious!

The minute he tells her he calls the old pickup LUCKY TRUCK, she has more doubts. And when she changes his radio from country to alternative, he's thinking, "I need to put her ass out, and call this a wash."

But the girl kisses like there's no tomorrow.
And he looks so good in those damn jeans...
Why oh why do I wanna get him out of them?

This is why I write, friends. Because I entertain myself.
And if things sound great to you, too, then it is all good.
Ya know?

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I like this. Sounds good and opposites do attract

By Blogger Pamk, at 6:14 PM  

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