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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nature conspires against me

So...if you liv or have a clue to the weather channel, you would know that my area in Missouri is part of a large slice of the country that has been declared a natural disaster. The national guard has been called out. The majority of Springfield is out of power and don't expect to get it before midweek, if the new is anything to believe.

I live in a hollow halfway between Spfd and Branson. We have power. i.e. heat, water, etc. So, that makes it a perfect place for my adult kids from SPFD to come to when their power is out. Their street, in particular, is being shown on t.v. because the trees were falling like dominoes--onto power lines.

I'm glad they're here and safe and warm. But it's pretty hard to work on that story I got 80 pages on the other day. We don't really have seating room for everybody, so we're 3-4 to the sofa, and we've pulled in a folding metal chair--and someone sits in this chair, too. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, right?

What's really sad is that the churches are all closed, and most of the shelters were announced closed or full on Friday. So, the people out of power up there have nowhere to go to get warm, except their vehicles. But the gas stations are closed up there, so they are driving south to find gas stations just so they can keep their cars running. Walmart's lights went out at one store and they had a riot, I guess. My kids were there, getting some basics since this is supposed to last a couple days. They said that people at the registers weren't sure if their cards had been swiped through/approved or not, and security rushed to the front of the store--searching everyone wearing a coat--which was everyone.

Anyhow, there is no writing going on here. We rented some movies. Talladega nights--silly, maybe Will Ferrell's best--not really my cup of tea. Wicker Man--I dunno why but I love Nicolas Cage, always have. Intensity maybe? Hated the ending. Covenants--oh hell yeah! That's right up my "I love this" alley. Four or five hot guys, warlocks, some bad, some struggling against the addiction of using their powers. Sexy, imo. I recommend that one.

All right. I DO have to work today. I have another boomerang from an editor. Sigh.

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Really sorry to hear about the weather things. I know Milwaukee area got hit like that a few years ago and a lot of us were without power for 3 days to over a week. I guess I was lucky and it was only 3 days. I still remember one part of it was fun though (sick humor.) A friend's Mom (94 at the time) was crying 'cause she couldn't have her toast for breakfast...the rest she could live with, but no toast did her in. So I just happened to have a camp stove with propane in it, took it out there and toasted her some bread. She was thrilled and it made us all smile several times throughout that time.

By Anonymous Dee, at 6:36 AM  

Well, this answers the question I asked yesterday. *s* We've actuall had power all night and all day so far! Hopefully it will STAY!!

By Blogger Jen, at 11:57 AM  

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