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Monday, January 15, 2007

MiLK, Crank, and poetry

We call this MiLK day.
You know, Martin Luther King day.
For the record, Highlandville is not "in with the rest of the country." We do not have a MLK parkway, lane, blvd, or street of any kind. We have SawMill. Fern. EE and HH.
And a road that goes two ways most of the day, except for an hour or two in the morning, and again in the afternoon. (Freaky weird little town.)

So, you could say...yeah...Carys Weldon lives where it goes two ways part of the time...
(Hey. I had an editor tell me yesterday that I use ellipses--the three dots--and dashes--too much. Go figure. If I didn't, what would be the purpose of having editors around?)

Back to being serious--(hehe more dashes)
What the MLK thing really means to me and my writing is...(hehe...more dots)
people are in the house. (Repeat that three times in a deep, creepy voice, getting louder each time)
I've got Panic at the Disco (replaying one song #7) cranked in my Happy Birthday Bose ear phones (from last year's birthday). I always try to check email and do my blog first, you know--but I'm half afraid to check the email. It's been loading for 45 minutes--and I have dsl. So, I know I'll get buried in that inbox.

More movie updates--we watched Crank yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Then we watched Barnyard and Ice Age the Melt Down. They weren't as funny as I had hoped they would be.

Back to Crank--the guy that stars in that is the one that played the part of Handsome Rob in the Italian Job. The more I watch the guy, the more I like him. What is his name? He makes a guy saying, "Baby" to his girlfriend sound sexy.

I'll admit I'm really messed up. I seriously like bad guys. I know I'm not alone in this. Tell me, why the heck do we like those bad guys? I love to watch shows where the good bad guy gets pissed and yanks his piece out and puts it to someone's head and growls, "Don't piss me off now."

There's a scene where this guy chops a man's hand off with a meat cleaver. Not usually something I would think was great. I'm not really into gore. (Werewolves ripping throats open aside.) Anyhow, I'm still laughing over this scene. The guy does it, and then he says, "I just chopped your arm off. How frickin' awesome is that?" I'm sure that "How frickin' awesome is that?" will become part of my daily vocabulary--because I am like an impressionable child. I was thinking...oh, hell yes, that is a (fucking) great line...just about the time my daughter said, "Oh, we WILL remember that one. How frickin' awesome is that?" LOL So, from here on out, is okay to repeat that to me.

It'll be like the line from The Princess Bride, "Inconceivable!"
Pulp Fiction for 2007. If I finish some of my other projects, maybe I'll write a story titled Frickin Awesome. LOL (Sorry. High on my 23 morning vitamins now.)

B ut what? You haven't heard about this Crank movie? Let me tell you...
The guy (in the movie) finds out he's gonna die because some punk ass minor gantsta's given him a Beijing Cocktail. Syringe of death potion.

Amongst his "last hour activities"--he snorts (something I never tried but think...hell, if you KNOW you're gonna die, why not give it a try? Who cares if it burns a few brain cells?)--and then, the best part, is he gets flowers for his girl (who's a ditzy idiot that didn't know he was a hit man)--but the flowers get lost on the way--so he makes love to her in public--in the middle of china town. (To keep his adrenalin flowing. Yeah. Right. It was fun, and hot, scene.) And this is funny--we got a call in the middle of it and had to pause for ten minutes with them frozen on the screen.

Now, I don't really wanna do it in china town--but a public corner with an audience--if I looked like her and the guy was too sexy? And every one watching thought it was too hot? And you didn't have to worry about later recriminations because (hell) you were gonna be dead? I'd be there. Maybe lining up those calendar and cover guys. (Not the gay sashaying ones.) I like Marlboro man types--without the cigs.

This is a good place for confessions on the coolest place you ever did it. Go ahead. Thrill me. LOL You can do it anonymously.

I have a fear of being caught being bad. LOL Keeps me from doing a lot of things I really wanna try. And I have kids, so I try to be a halfway good example. (dammit)

In other news:
I saw the cover for my new poetry book, Passing Images. I bet it will hit the published market before the first one, Passing Thoughts, does. Funny how the different publishers line things up. I have another "start up" publisher that wants to do an ebook of some of my poetry. It takes a while to amass enough "halfway decent ones" to make a collection.

Although I do have some in the works. I have a dirty/sexy poetry collection (done). And an alien collection in the works. That's just funny. Or scary. And I have another one in the works that is about famous people who have left their mark on the world. I would love for you to give me names/suggestions on people you think should be in there. Of course, I've already got some famous poets that have inspired me. And I know I'll have one for Helen Keller who is truly an inspiration on many levels. Who do you think is worth noting--male or female, of any public/fame?

I'll probably have a section for some movie stars, politicians (good and bad?). I know that many people don't care about poetry, unless they are writing it their selves. But I want to be the type of writer that writes things that reach out and grab people. (by the hair, or gonads, or whatever.)

That's why I write so many different types of things. Watch--that last line of the last paragraph will be the one thing I'm quoted after I die. LOL Okay. I'm gonna go face that inbox. (which is still loading. An hour later.)

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Very much enjoyed the time I spent here, leisurely strolling through your site. As a poet, and an avid reader, I found it both enlightening and enriching...Thank you.

By Blogger With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper, at 7:41 PM  

Come again.
That is my motto, you know.
Come with Carys.
(Pun intended.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 6:43 AM  

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