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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy days

Yesterday, I spent most of the day taking care of blog stuff, email, and sending out queries to let people know I'm up for speaking and doing panels at conventions, etc. It's amazing how time consuming it is to do something simple like that.

If you are an aspiring writer, I want you to know that you have to be totally professional about your emails. You need to do your best to answer them promptly, and to write queries and submission cover letters as you would a formal written letter in old fashioned hard copy format--with your name, address, phone, and email (all contact info) in the upper left corner.

If you are professional, others treat you as one. They give you timely replies and return the courtesy of professionalism.

I wrote one 1000 word essay yesterday for a competition I plan to enter. It was silly, but nonfiction. The topic was "alien" and "favorite." Guidelines said to be creative. Ha!!! No problem there.

I still have dragons in my head, so I'm gonna have to go and work on dragon stuff again today. Also, I have to prepare three picture book manuscripts that have been requested, so I'll be getting that together and hopefully mail that out today, with another contract that I've already printed. Busy, busy, busy.

That's one of the tricks of being successful in the publishing business. Always have another project in the works. Something going out while you're waiting for some news to come in. And something else stewing and brewing in your head.

Today's blog clues (2 authors):
Both of these ladies write for Yard Dog Press.
One's last name is Hale and she writes young adult fiction.
The other writes adventures (young adult too, I think) and her last name is Sheridan.

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