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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SF con, Softball, and condoms

I'm home from Aggiecon. Met a lot of great people there. Was scheduled to sit in on three panels:

Music, Fantasy, and Imagination
Geeks Like Kinky Sex (sex chat)
Penetrating the Rift (sex chat)

And I crash-sat in on:
Vampires and Faeries
Life Extenuation and Cloning

It was great fun. I met/paneled with several cool people.

Phil Brucato, the guy behind many of the White Wolf Gaming books like Mage, the Ascension--(one I own). Werewolf. Vampire. If you want to know the standard attributes, etc. of the most widely known mages, vamps, and weres--check out the White Wolf section at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. (I don't follow their rules because my books are ORIGINAL.)

He has a new game of his own out now called Deliria for those into Faeries. They ran a LARP (live action roleplay)and the long time LARPers said it was awesome and run the way LARP is supposed to be. So, if you like live action, or faeries, or want to try something new--definitely go looking for that.

Mark Worrell was on a handful of the panels with me. He was a lot of fun. He's an author plus sells some beautiful silver jewelry and statuettes. He's got a gallery called Imagine That. You may want to google and see what he has. The statuettes--dragons and unicorns--sooooooo cool. Not your average stuff.

More on the con tomorrow.
My youngest daughter, Cheyenne, the one with the stalker that was homecoming queen and in that terrible accident a year or so ago? Is now playing her last sport of high school. Softball--one of my all time favorite games to play.

She's starting at third base for Varsity and then pitching an inning for the JV team. Really good pitcher. Doesn't let anything past her. So, it's easy to be proud of her for the way she plays the game there.

They won against Galena. Our H.S. mascot is an owl. So, the owls beat the bears. I gotta say this...on one hand, I think an owl is smart, and a good hunter. BUT who was the dummy who thought it would be cool to put that as the school mascot? I mean, we go against the bears, tigers, wildcats, trojans. (Yes, there is a joke made every time we go there. Got contraception?) But, the trojans are from a town called Sparta. They didn't have much choice on that, and I think they had the school and mascot many many years before the condoms came out under that name.

But then, I'm not really up on condom trivia.
Are you?
In blog contest news, see if you can find my new livejournal blog, and one for Phil or Mark's gallery.

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Well now, that was easy! lol.

I found your LJ blog and added you as a friend there. I've had an LJ for about .... 5 years? Something like that anyway.

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