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Thursday, March 29, 2007

faith question

I recently saw an episode of Reverend Peter Popoff's ministry. An 800 number flashed on the screen, inviting me to call and get a free sample/supply of miracle water. I thought...what the heck? Why not?

I did that, received it, along with a letter asking me to write a check for $17.00--which I did. He's supposed to send me a book on how to live in abundance. I'm always game for help in manifesting positive destiny, life improvements, etc, and in showing faith in a higher power. I like to read just about everything, so, okay, I could do that. So, although I know many would call that a scam, I's okay. I'm showing faith and hope.

With the water sample, I received a request for another $27.00 in SEED money for God's work to come and make my life a happier, wealthier existence.

So, here I sit, thinking about acting in faith. Should I send the $27.00? I know that this is the scam by which Peter Popoff makes his money. But from the viewpoint of someone who wants to show faith in God...does it matter where I send my faith money?

I mean, God/higher power sees my earnest desires, and my effort. That is my positive energy going out there.

But then again...where do you draw the line?

My husband says, "Why not send it? Show a little faith. It's not that much."

But here I am balking. I don't have money to give away. I mean, I showed a little faith with my first $17.00 but when you add $27.00...Peter's making a pretty good little profit by using the Lord's name. Ya know? That would be $44.00 all told. When I look at that, I struggle.

Do you think that shows that I am of little faith, or of more common sense than faith, or what?

I'm sort of laughing at myself here. On one hand, I see the duping that leads me and others down the garden path. On the other, I believe that faith needs to be exercised in some things.

By sending the first $17.00--didn't I meet the Lord halfway?
Where do you readers stand on this sort of thing?

Is this too philisophical for this forum? Should I just skip the religious questions and get to sex, drugs and rock and roll?

In blog contest news...Bev Hale responded to my comments yesterday on her livejournal, and I couldn't get the guestbook at Rie Sheridan's to take my comments there. Are you making a list of where I've been?

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