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Friday, March 30, 2007


I started something new yesterday at about 3 p.m. after wasting pretty much the whole day doing as my husband would say "a bunch of piddle farting."

Although, I wanna say I generally do not admit to piddle farting. That phrase is so...nose wrinkling. Ya know?

He likes to say "snivel and whine" too and I prefer to "complain" personally. The guy has all sorts of funky phrases that nobody but him would say. The kids call them daddyisms.

Anyhow, 33 pages of something that will probably end up being called Between The Rock and Yellow Spandex. Will go with the Candy's Kisses and Levi's Jeans story--if I ever get that sold somewhere. One in a long series that goes with that One Dumb Night that I started in January. Yeah, it's still unfinished.

AND I think I'm gonna start this morning on another romance that starts at a gym. I'm gonna call that one Mr. Hot Pants.

I got a trivia question for you. If there was no THE ROCK, would you think the name Dwayne is sexy? Or silly?

I have ongoing name dilemmas. Obviously, romance readers/publishers love the names Luke, Jake, etc. So, those have been done to death. And even I have a few stories with those names in them.

So, I meditate on other names. My writer's group told me that Jonathon wasn't sexy. I thought, for a high powered executive, it was a good name. They also didn't like the fact that I had a red tint in his dark brown hair. I like a hint of the Irish/Scot myself. So, on basis of that complain alone I have set aside my Jonathon story. I LIKE his name.

With this topic, I always get to my husband's middle name. Tony is a cool name, imo. But his middle name is Louis. Family name. About twenty of his cousins and uncles have it somewhere in their name. The first time I heard it, I said, "I'm sorry. I don't love that. I don't think there's any way I could put it on a birth certificate." No offense to anyone who has Louie's in their family that they love.

I have a brother in law we call Gene. His name is Eugene Floyd. I think that was the most awful double whammy a mom could do to a boy. I asked his mother about it once and she looked stricken, LOVING HIS NAME, and explained to me that he was named after both his grandfathers who were undoubtedly the most generous and kind loving men on the planet. HE lives up to their legacy. Great guy. Big wig for Raytheon, used to be Regional MGR for British Aerospace. (And I knew him when he wore a jean jacket with a punch me patch on the shoulder. LOL)

Her other's son's name is Charles. While I like Chas/Chaz and think the name is a strong one--I'm not loving that either.

Anyhow, name values are obviously in the eye of the beholder. My son is a Tony, too, but his middle name is after my father and grandfather. Richard. Anthony Richard sounded nice and strong to me. Still like it, 16 yrs later. We call him little boy a lot, though, even now that he's oh, almost 6 ft.

My father in law's name is Henry Louis. (Aaggghh) Hank. Now, I'm not loving that name either. It's just sooo old fashioned to me. Although I know it is a coupling of two royal names. Well, Hank is...did anybody ever hear of a prince/king being called Hank?

I'm wondering about nicknames now.
My Rock and Yellow Spandex story is about a guy I named Dwayne. The girl has an issue with the name and keeps bringing it up. He's an accountant, too, which isn't her idea of cool either. But he has an undoubted sex appeal of his own--even if he doesn't compare to Mr. Johnson. (except maybe in the Johnson area, if you know what I mean--but then who knows how well The Rock is blessed down there anyway?)

Sorry. My brain always goes into the gutter. Is THE ROCK too cute or what? Trivia question...did he wear yellow spandex or another color when he was wrestling? I may have to change the color. Give me the real scoop?

I'm rambling now. Sorry. I'll stop.
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Giving out a ton of gift certificates at the end of April for those who participate.
Okay, like four. But that's a lot of chances to win something. Ya know?

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I don't particularly care fo the name Dwayne since that's the hubbys middle one... :) Holler at me when you have time. I've got a new email addy for you.
wink3456 at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:24 AM  

Personally, I see nothing wrong with a character named Jonathon OR red tint in his hair. :)

The thing of it is, no matter what input people give, it's ultimately YOUR story and you decide what to do with it. Ya know? :)

(Speaking of stories, I'm almost done with the first draft of what was Phillip's Curse but is now Kiernan's Curse. The end of this chapter... Yikes! :) )

By Blogger Jen, at 7:30 PM  

we used to make fun of Dewaynes in school, but I LOVE THE ROCK . and remember I voted against the majority and said jonathon was a good hero name.

Okay, mom I'm going to bed now.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 PM  

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