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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Softball and slow movies

I rolled out of bed yesterday in time to groan, pull on some clothes and hit the car a-running. My daughter's softball tournament in another town was supposed to start in thirty minutes from the time my eyes opened, and it's a 35 minute drive.

I'm not a speed demon because I'm paranoid about tickets. I cry if I get pulled over and it's just not pretty. So, I avoid it at all costs. I was thrilled to find that the game started late. So, I got there just in time.

They lost the first game. Won the second--with a play that made my daughter look like a super star. Well, her and the first base girl. Taylor, at first, tagged the batter/runner out and made a double play to third where my daughter plays. Taylor NEVER makes the throw. She's almost always twelve feet short. But she made a miracle throw and Chey snagged it (reaching with a ninety mile stretch of arm and leg--but she's 5'9" so she managed a good deal there) and swung in a second and got the runner out to win the game. So, technically, it is Taylor's glory but everyone said it was amazing that Chey caught it--AND her reflexes were perfect on how she caught the runner--about a second before she hit the bag by sliding under Cheyenne's stretched legs. Cool play, anyway.

Then, after that, they lost another game. So, they ended 4th out of 6 teams. The stupid thing is they could have won it. they got a ton of hits but they were all pop flies and everybody knows that ya can't get under the ball like that and win. Too easy to catch and get the runner out. Line drives are the way to go.

Once home, I watched Marie Antoinette. Beautiful costuming and sets. Slow. I was disappointed. I mean, I thought she was a sexual, sensual woman and it didn't play that way to me. Well, only a scene where she had an affair but that was underplayed. So, that dragged a sigh from me.

The night before, though, I watched Holiday and The Prestige. I thought The Prestige was great. Holiday was sloppy but a feel good movie. Sloppy in that one scene, they have snow on the ground. The next, they don't. (For the Surrey scenes) And then in LA, they have Santa Anna winds, then they don't. But it's supposed to be the same day as the scene before, so it was obvious fluking in filming.

Have you seen any of those movies? Got any thoughts about those? Or seen anything else that's good?

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