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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interpretive dance

Missouri State University did an interpretive dance rendition of the poem Jabberwocky. My daughter went for 30 extra credit points. Normally, I like things like that and line-up my whole family for torture sessions.

Gimme violin concertos. The family sleeps in the row beside me while I'm enthralled by the plucking nuances of each string instrument.

Gimme opera. I'm fascinated by the depth and volume a singer can get. Love the staging. Anything on a stage, actually.

Except Sleeping Beauty done with the ugliest prince in the history of the world. (Yes. We saw THAT production. My kids still laugh at that ballet.)

I love men in tights. Take me out to the ballet. I danced as a child. Ballet (yes, toe shoe ballerina stuff), tap, jazz, gymnastics. I was quite well educated in dancing for a girl whose mother called her GRACE as a joke. (We can examine my psyche another day over that alone.)

Anyhow, Chey says the show was a bit on the weird and mockable side. (NO surprise, right? I mean, hello. It's Jabberwocky in INTERPRETIVE DANCE. That screams MOCK ME, I WILL BE STUPID.) Or is that just us?

So, she said, they would FLAIL around and someone on one side of the stage would say in an airy voice "Jaaaaabbeeeeer" and then, real fast, a drum beat would pick up and someone on the other side would say, "WOCKY!" quick.

Yeah. That WAS the highlight. The most memorable thing about the show.

So, we get home. My oldest daughter called and said she was trying to come up with some kewl names for and other dating/online meeting sites. Of course, Chey suggests, how about "Jaaaaabbeeeer WOCKY!"

Needless to say, the girl did NOT go for that.
I said, "How about CHEEKY GIRL?"

It has several meanings and you know I love puns and entendre.
She liked it and then her friend (on speaker phone) says, "Um, but we're signing you up for the well behaved websites. Not the "Let's have cybersex ones."..."

Cheeky Girl is clever. She's got junk in her trunk. She's clever and witty. And has a great smile. And everybody likes her coming and going because of both her sets of cheeks. (Or so I believe. I'm her mother, what do I know?)

Anyhow, that's out. I came up with PrettyWittyNgritty. Guess that flew. Maybe in future, I'll jump into the dating saga of my oldest two daughters. One is an angel, well behaved. The other is, um, trying to remember where she put her halo and wings cause what's she's doing ain't flying.

Anybody else got dating stories? Or concert info?
Chey is going to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus next week. Tickets are $20 in Springfield, Mo. We were SOOOO disappointed to find that LUDO played in Branson on Prom night for only $8 a ticket. That was a HOLY CRAP. Even if you didn't know them, you'd almost wanna go listen just because concert prices that cheap are unheard of. Ya know?

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Sounds like your daughters took after you!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:33 PM  

Yeah. Poor kids.
Nuts don't fall too far from the tree. Too many squirrels in the family not to find yourself a little squirrel. Ya know?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:29 AM  

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