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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Book signing today

Today, I'm going to the College of the Ozarks (Hollister/Branson, Missouri) for a quarterly conference put on by the Ozarks Writers league. I'll be at the Plaster Auditorium and all my books will be on sale from 9-3. (Give or take.) So, if you want any, come on down. Other writers will be there, too.

We have a luncheon and auction and a couple of speakers. It's usually an enjoyable day.

I feel like a slacker type because I don't have a bunch of things to donate to the auction. It's one of those "Bring new or nearly new items" type of things. Every thing I own is used and used too well for someone to appreciate besides me, I think. (She says as she looks around for anything not nailed down but presentable enough to haul to the car.) There's a lot of junk here, but...

I have a brand new box of candy I thought about taking. But I want to take it and open it and share it--not have it sold to someone who will be stingy with it. I mean, it's a three pound box! Who could eat that much in a year? (Says the overly large lady who isn't like it's a bag of oreos!)

Anyhow, I guess I should pack up and get the heck out of town. There's an unopened bag of potatoes here. I wonder if someone would want that? LOL

I wonder if there will be anything good for me to haul home. You know, gotta haves. At the moment, I can't imagine ANYTHING. Except maybe a brand new box of chocolates. (One track mind?)

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Not so much candy or cookies or chips on my mind, but blackberry preserves and maybe hot Jello (drinkable, not jiggly-eatable).

Hope the conference was fun!

As for lost bits of writing--in reference to your previous post--I've been searching for two days for a two-page scene. In my mind, I can see the actual pages; in reality, they've apparently flown to that great manuscript in the sky.

Hope you find the card!

By Blogger Fiction Writer, at 8:59 PM  

Blackberry preserves sound really good to me right now. (She says as she goes looking for some toast or something.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:07 AM  

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