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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Lately, I've had to make some hard personal choices. As a writer, I'm obligated to do certain things, promote my books when possible being the main thing, which means signing up for book signing opportunities.

This last month, it seems like everything I've signed up for has been almost a heartache or a heartache waiting to happen. I signed up for a book signing one weekend, and a friend's daughter's first baby shower happened. I couldn't go because I was obligated elsewhere. But I felt bad.

This next weekend, another friend's daughter is getting married down in the bootheel of Missouri...which is as far as you can (in the state) from the booksigning I have in KC.

On one hand, I is about the people I know and care about and I SHOULD be there for those things. BUT as a professional, I can't cancel signings and speaking engagements because someone sent me an invitation--after I've already committed to the professional engagement.

It's not that I'm super popular. (Don't wanna be harrassed by anyone on that.) My real point is, I hate the fact that life is about choices and sometimes we feel the options are made by others.

I mean, if I had the invitations before the book signings were set, I could pick and choose my priorities. On the other hand, I guess it's a good way to get out of things.

It's hard, though, to be put between the rock and the hard spot. I wouldn't want my friends to think that I don't care about them or their children, especially these two girls. I taught them in our church's young women's program. So, I really do have a strong desire to be there for them and support the in these big events.

As a writer, I find many opportunities out there where I can promote my books, or myself, but I find the balance of personal and business obligations a tough measurement of where my priorities are.

I know that some people would say BUSINESS is the priority. And others would scream, LIFE IS ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

You can't be considered a professional writer if you aren't professional, if you don't follow through with your obligations.

But then, what's life about anyway? Who you love and how you treat them?

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This is the absolute hardest part about being a writer. We have to remain self-disciplined and work when friends and family want to do lunches, etc. We have to do promotional stuff or go to conferences when family has weekend stuff.

Unfortunately, in my recent quest to make this a solid career, I've lost some friendships. I get so bogged down in the work and trying to keep up with my busy family, weeks go by before I remember to call and they're mad at me. Someone is always mad.

Makes it difficult.

By Anonymous Rinda Elliott, at 3:19 PM  

I hear ya. It's hard when you have to choose. Professionalism demands certain choices, though.

I find that someone is always mad at me, too. Or judging me. And I'm always feeling like I'm failing somewhere. Ya know?

Remember this, though, Rinda. We are friends, even if it is months between seeing or talking to each other, and we understand one another, and the things we're going through. So, that's like a lifeline, right?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:06 AM  

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