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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can you break a penis? TMI post Graphic Sex Warning

I have to tell you that my friends and I had dinner together yesterday and one brought up the idea that men can break their penises. I was horrified and had never heard of that before. She helped us visualize it by crooking her pointer finger. One of the other girls there said, "Oh, yeah. It's a breaking of the blood vessels."

I had to come home and hit the internet. YAY for youtube. Go there and type in CAN YOU BREAK YOUR PENIS? It is a medical explanation of the deal. Then, if you want some bad, stupid entertainment, check out some of the other videos that come up.

It usually happens when the woman is on top, and actually occurs to about 10,000 men a year. I was horrified. It's one thing to Lorena Bobbitt a guy because he's a jerk but how awful would it be to be responsible for breaking your man's most favored appendage?

If you surf youtube, you can see a couple talking about how it happened to them while her guy was on top. Guess he was slamming too hard and missed. (Yeah, OUCH.)

Another guy did it while masturbating with two metal ring things on. They slid together and pinched the blood vessel, popping it.

But the most common way is a woman on top, leaning back, usually with her hands on the guy's knees, sliding up and down, but it occurs when she leans hard while it is half in.

Did you know all this?

Dream Account: This is the 141st day so my dream deposit is $141,000. I think I'd like to send it to little children in America. Maybe set up a fund for special needs in middle class American families whose parents pay all the taxes in this country and then they can't afford more than to get by, so their kids take lunches to school and miss out on activities and field trips that cost. Obviously, the money wouldn't go far so I'd just have to set it up locally at first and be the one to approve expenditures on an independent case by case. But I wouldn't make it embarrassing for people. Or maybe I'd just sponsor things at my local schools where kids would have otherwise had to come up with cash. With five kids, I can swear to you that they absolutely nickel and dime us to death.

Did you know that in most schools in America now, your daughter can't be a cheerleader or play on a sports team if you can't afford to pay for the outfits or warmups? And new matching tennis shoes in an overpriced brand, too.

And wood shop and basic mechanics costs now. My son said his wood shop bill started at $50, but I can make payments on the rest. I, of course, said HM, I'll MAYBE make payments on the whole thing, a dollar at a time, or five maybe.

I almost never had the money the kids needed at the time they showed up and said they had to have it that week OR ELSE.

And I don't think I'm alone on that. But then, maybe everyone else is independently wealthy and I'm just the only one on the outside of all affluence.

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