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Monday, May 21, 2007

Juggling friends, family life and writing

I really appreciate it when you post responses to my blog. Sometimes I think I'm talking into the void of nothing.

I find that most of my friends, now, are related to my writing. You know, other writers, editors, agents, and my readers. You have become as big a part of my life as those who live with me.

It's hard, sometimes, to juggle everything. And sometimes my family gets annoyed that I seem to care more about what you think than what they think. But...a writer without readers is...what?

I want to write things that please my readers. I feel like such a slacker writer, of late. I've had so many distractions. Today, I have hopes of getting serious on that sf romance I'm working on. I have very little going there so far.

I've written 3 or 4 beginnings and keep getting more of the backstory in my head. You know, really working out the plot and what's created this girl's attitudes. Her name is Lahree. I think you'll love her. She is virtuous on a lot of levels, and a victim in many ways, but one of those women that just looks ahead, and doesn't wallow in her heartaches.

I'm a wallower. I wish I could be as cool as this girl. And I don't have the negatives in my life that I've put in hers. So, I guess you could read this story and see what I wish I could be. I just need to read/write stories of women who triumph over their problems. You know, that gives me hope that some day I'll get my shit together like one of my heroines.

And I've got two very sexy men interested in her. And one creep. And there's murder, so mystery needs to be unraveled and explained. What more do ya want? (Go ahead. Tell me.)

Since it's science fiction, I have to think harder to make sure the science stuff is plausible and makes sense. I really hate the books that just make ya ask, "Was that writer on crack? You know that won't work, at a glance. How stupid can ya get?"

Since I'm not on crack...
because I believe Whitney when she said "Crack is whack."
Uh, I gotta go into the insane planes to find stories in my own little straight, but demented mind. I'm sure it would come quicker if I WAS on crack. LOL

Going to get busy now.

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You believed Whitney, huh? You're much more of an idealist than I am!

Loved The Price of Peace, going to a different subject. I just finished it. At first I thought I would be nice and read it because I'm really not much of a romance reader, I THOUGHT....I loved those people. By the end I was very sad to read the last page becasue I didnt' want to leave them behind. It was a wonderful story about very human people doing the best they could. I really liked it.

By Blogger Glenna, at 6:38 PM  

Thanks, Glenna!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:04 AM  

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